Isabel Felmer SS18 Womenswear Performance Show

Isabel Felmer SS18 womenswear performance show

Isabel Felmer SS18 Womenswear Performance Show

New Collection Inspired by 80’s Supermodel Sayoko

Isabel Felmer is a chilean designer, who designs through her collection the vintage and retro look, in a contemporary and dramatic way.

Yesterday she presented through Fantasy models by Hans Boodt and performance show with 4 socialites, her new collection inspired by 80’s supermodel Sayoko

The collection is mainly inspired by the 80s model Sayoko Yamaguchi. Her spirit is present in colorful silhouettes and prints. Prints are created by Isabel Felmer with futuristics pictures of her own designs. For instance, a picture of Isabel herself is completely transformed, stemmed from her videographic performance “Kokeshi & Yukio” in 2010. Another picture from her serie “Future Century 0009” where she made fashion design. She offers a trend that is both futuristic and retro.

Kimonos with colorful prints for a modern geisha. Costumes and dresses inspired by the 1860s contrast with the futuristic silhouettes of the 80s. The color palette ranges from pink, yellow, lilac, blue, in prints; up to total looks white or black. This capsule collection will be presented through a “Fantasy” mannequin installation, of the brand “Hans Boodt”.

Hans Boodt is a Dutch mannequin brand created in the early noughties by Hans Boodt himself, a former window dresser. Thanks to his audacious creative choices, some may say provocative, as well as a honed eye for staging, the label’s reputation as a “character maker” quickly spread throughout the international fashion industry, especially in the denim sector. Growing in affinity with luxury brands and the most demanding of fashion designers, Hans Boodt feeds its creativity and savoir-faire by developing pioneering and ambitious artistic collaborations. The Julien Dossena (Artistic Director for Paco Rabanne) and Bertrand Guyon (Artistic Director for Schiaparelli) exhibitions, during the last editions of Hyères fashion and photography festival, were created using made-to-measure mannequins. The recent music video (directed by Camille Vivier) for “Elfe man” by musician Nicolas Godin (from the group Air) featured the brand’s “Celebrate Life” collection. Rising fashion brands such as Wanda Nylon and Manish Arora have also used Hans Boodt mannequins to showcase their collections through imaginative installations.

Portrait Isabel Felmer

About Isabel Felmer

Isabel Felmer is a French Chilean designer born in Berlin, and currently living in Paris. She did higher education studies related to fashion and clothing history, and also architecture, and she did her practical training as a costume assistant in the Opera of Santiago, Chile, experience that allows her to discover her vision of fashion styling.

After receiving the first prize at the “XIII Encuentro de Moda Independiente en Chile”, she decides to start her own prêt a porter brand, and presents her first collection during the Santiago Fashion Week, in Chile.

In 2009, she is a finalist in the Iconique Societas Fashion Contest Awards, from a Dutch fashion website, with her fashion pictures collection “Future Century 0009”. In 2010, Isabel decides to do Fashion styling studies in Studio Bercot, Paris, where she becomes a diploma holder. She also does a handful of internships with designer Bernhard Willhelm and the Lanvin Fashion House, as assistant.

In January 2016, she is asked to create, in Chile, the costume design of the play “Pobre Inés Sentada Ahí”, written by Chilean playwright Alejandro Sieveking. She makes the most of her stay, and presents her autumn/winter 2016 collection “Glamour Retro”. She presents her SS17 collection “ A New Romantic Princess living in a Cult Film” during Paris Fashion Week, the 6th and 7th of october 2016, in a showroom with the exhibition of artistic photos of the collection. Recently, she did the styling with her own design for “Woman” Ralph Lauren fragance campaign in Chili.

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