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We had opportunity to catch up with Celebrity Stylist Melissa Novas for a few questions on the Latin Billboard and upcoming Billboard Music Awards:

What were your top 3 favorite looks from the Latin Billboard Awards?

My number one pick is Venezuelan actress and model, Daniela Navarro, who looked absolutely stunning. She wore a low cut disco-ball, body-hugging gown by Alejandro Fajardo.

Definitely Marc Anthony!  He wore a white button down shirt paired with a beige blazer, jeans and loafers.  It was simple, classic, elegant, and very Miami – Perfect!  His stunner of a wife, model, Shannon de Lima, was dressed to absolute perfection in a Charbel Zoe Couture gown that perfectly framed her silhouette!

My last pick would certainly be Puerto Rican actress, TV Host, dancer, model and beauty queen, Zuleyka Rivera, who rocked an emerald sheer dress with a high slit, to showcase her incredible legs!


What was your inspiration behind styling, recording artist, Afrodiziaq?

My inspiration was elegance.  Afrodiziaq’s look for the red carpet was in three words: simple, classic, and elegant.  We styled him in a tuxedo suit classic black pant, white shirt, black bow tie, and we topped it off with a royal blue velvet blazer. Texture is really in right now and velvet allows for a subtle pop.  He was complimented all night so I was extremely happy.


As a stylist, what goes into choosing the final pieces for the red carpet?

You always want to make sure your client looks their best.  I always look for something that compliments your silhouette as well as your complexion.  Depending on your skin tone, certain colors will look best that allow you to stand out in all the right ways. For a female, you always want to try to accentuate your best body parts.  And finding a dress to compliment your shape is key!

I always look for the “Wow” factor – a piece that changes how one looks at you and how you feel. When you feel confident, it always shows through your facial expressions and even your posture while walking across the red carpet. It’s an unsurmountable feeling.

Comfort is another factor I always consider.  I always make sure my clients are comfortable with what they’re wearing, especially when you will be photographed and having to wear it for an extended amount of time.

I always tell my clients, “The best way to look your best is to feel your best and strut the red carpet with a humble confidence.”


What trends do you expect us to see at the American Billboard Awards?

Floral, Pastels & Metallic. Pastels are definitely in season and have been trending across the red carpet lately. I’m also to see a lot of metallic or silver and white.  With the theme of this year’s Met Gala being focus around technology, we saw more bold ensembles however, I’m expecting the metallic and silver trend from the gala to carry out through the Billboard Awards.


Who’s style can we count on to rock the red carpet?

I’m really looking forward to seeing what Ciara and Rihanna will wear.  Both ladies have a distinct style and never disappoint.  This year, Ciara is hosting alongside Ludacris, so I’m sure we will see a few impressionable numbers on stage through her outfit changes.

Rihanna is expected to perform, so I’m anticipating a very edgy and bold look. She always takes risks and they work in her favor every single time! I’m curious to see if she will be wearing a piece from her collaboration with Monolo Blahnik.


About Melissa Novas

Melissa Novas is an enthusiastic and dynamic fashion stylist and image consultant based in New York City.  With a background and MS in Physiotherapy, Melissa merged her two passions resulting in the impeccable combination of a stylist with the know-how to ensure you not only look great, but feel great too. Rather than dictating trends governed by fashion Melissa guides her clients in developing their own image as she understands the way we dress is very much a part of our sense of self – further it’s how we communicate who we are and how we’re feeling to the world around us; it’s our first impression.

Whether creating unique, yet functional wardrobes or selecting a high-fashion outfit for a special occasion or photo shoot, Melissa’s inspirational and personalized work, often inspired by her love for music and worldly travels, captures attention, radiates emotion, and ultimately reflects her client’s personality and lifestyle. Melissa’s long running success is down to her innate ability and keen eye for detail to select exactly what a client is looking for- even when they don’t know themselves!

Melissa’s ability to not only predict trends but simultaneously transcend them has solidified her presence in this ever-changing industry.


Melissa Novas on Instagram at RetroBohoChic

Checkout the Billboard Music Awards May 22, 2016 on ABC TV at 8PM EST.

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