Pasta Wynwood: Modern Italian Inspired Restaurant by Peruvian Chefs

Pasta Restaurant Miami

Step into an exclusive preview of Pasta Wynwood, a modern Italian-inspired restaurant specializing in fresh house-made pasta making its U.S. debut in Wynwood this summer. Established in 2019 by the skilled husband-wife duo Juan Manuel Umbert and Janice Buraschi, this open-kitchen restaurant delivers a culinary experience that honors classic Italian cooking, subtly enhanced by the culinary insights of its Peruvian chefs. Featured dishes include their own stracciatella and pappardelle accompanied by a 15-hour braised beef cheek ragu, each prepared with a meticulous attention to traditional Italian techniques.

Pasta Wynwood isn’t just another dining location. it’s a passion project conceived in 2019 by its co-founders. Their vision was to showcase the rich traditions of Italian cuisine, enhanced by the unique perspectives of Peruvian chefs. Here, each dish reflects the artistry and finesse of Italian cooking, while subtly integrating the vibrant culinary insights of Peru.

A Look Inside Pasta

Pasta Restaurant Miami

Situated at 124 NW 28th Street, Pasta Wynwood is designed to captivate. The main dining area can accommodate over 70 guests and features an open kitchen, providing patrons with a view of the culinary art in progress. For those seeking a more intimate setting, a private dining room hosts up to 8 guests. The decor blends industrial and bohemian elements, creating an atmosphere of industrial-boho charm with neutral and warm earthy tones, all under soft, ambient lighting.

Distinctively, Pasta partners with Peruvian ceramist Rossina Winder, whose custom dishes are artworks themselves, embodying Peruvian artistic tradition. These unique ceramics not only serve as the canvas for the meals but also elevate the presentation, adding authenticity and a touch of artistry to the dining experience.

The Menu: Italian Elegance with a Peruvian Touch

The menu at Pasta Wynwood showcases the innovative spirit of its chefs. It features a reimagined stracciatella with Peruvian twists and pappardelle accompanied by sumptuously braised beef cheek ragu. The dishes are designed to cater to a wide range of tastes, including seafood enthusiasts and vegetarians, all prepared with the freshest ingredients to ensure a memorable culinary adventure.

More than just serving meals, Pasta Wynwood is dedicated to fostering community ties and promoting cultural exchange. The restaurant is set to become a local hub for culinary workshops, cultural events, and more, making it a center for not just dining but cultural enrichment.

As the opening day approaches, excitement mounts among Miami’s food lovers and culinary critics alike. Pasta Wynwood is expected to quickly become an essential part of Miami’s culinary scene, offering a unique blend of flavors and experiences.

Pasta Wynwood invites you to embark on a gastronomic journey that transcends the ordinary dining experience. Whether you are a local or a visitor, ensure to reserve your spot and explore the unique flavors that Pasta has to offer. With its commitment to innovation, beautiful ambiance, and authentic cultural elements, Pasta is poised to redefine what dining out means in Miami.


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