Huizhou Zhao Bridges East and West: Highlights from Shenzhen-Milan Lifestyle Week

Huizhou Zhao Bridges East and West Highlights from Shenzhen-Milan Lifestyle Week

Huizhou Zhao, a name synonymous with fashion innovation and cultural exchange, has once again reaffirmed her centrality in the burgeoning relationship between Shenzhen and Milan. Through the recently concluded Shenzhen-Milan Lifestyle Week (SMLW), held from March 19th to 22nd, 2024, Madame Zhao orchestrated a landmark event that fostered collaboration between the fashion capitals of Italy and China.

A Decade of Dedication: Building Bridges Through Fashion

This isn’t the first time Huizhou Zhao has championed the cause of cultural and commercial ties between Italy and China. Already distinguished with the prestigious role of ambassador for Shenzhen-Milan relations by the Foreign Affairs Office of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government in September 2023, her dedication goes back a decade. As the founder and creative director of the renowned HUI maison and the impactful Hui Fund of Shenzhen Women and Children’s Development Foundation (SZWCDF), Madame Zhao has consistently fostered connections that bridge the East and West.

Shenzhen-Milan Lifestyle Week: A Collaborative Fashion Extravaganza

The brainchild of Madame Zhao’s vision, the SMLW served as a potent platform for promoting cooperation between the Italian and Chinese fashion industries. This ambitious project aimed at creating a world-class cluster for the fashion system, with the ultimate goal of establishing Shenzhen as the leading hub for “Made in Italy” brands within China.

Over the course of four days, the SMLW pulsated with a dynamic lineup of events. Workshops, exhibitions, and targeted meetings brought together Italian brands with no less than 200 top emerging Chinese buyers, representing leading concept stores. These interactions sparked new business opportunities and ignited a spirit of collaboration that promises to enrich both fashion landscapes.

Huizhou Zhao: A Visionary Leader at the Helm

Reflecting on the success of the SMLW, Huizhou Zhao expressed her pride and honor for contributing to its realization. “I have always had a deep love for the city of Milan,” she stated, “which welcomed me with open arms. From my formative years as a student at the prestigious Politecnico di Milano to becoming the first Chinese designer to grace the official Milan Fashion Week calendar, my team and I have poured our hearts and souls into the development and execution of the SMLW.”

Her commitment extended beyond fostering partnerships. From meticulously curating the participating brands to ensuring smooth logistical operations, event promotion, and even industrial development, Madame Zhao’s leadership proved pivotal to the SMLW’s success.

A Gateway to Fashion History: The Eachway Art and Fashion Museum

The SMLW’s vibrant heart pulsated within the Longhua and Nanshan districts of Shenzhen, located in the Guangdong province. However, a central stage for the event was the iconic Eachway Art and Fashion Museum, strategically situated within the Eachway Creative Industrial Park. This museum, championed by Huizhou Zhao herself, holds a unique distinction: it’s the first of its kind in China.

The Eachway Art and Fashion Museum stands as a testament to China’s rich sartorial heritage. Boasting over two thousand meticulously curated pieces, it takes visitors on a captivating journey through the evolution of clothing, culture, and lifestyle within the “Celestial Empire.” Objects, documents, and video installations showcase the development of the Chinese textile industry over the past century, offering invaluable insights into Chinese fashion trends and the nation’s evolving socio-cultural landscape.

Beyond Fashion: Empowering Women and Children

Huizhou Zhao‘s passion extends far beyond the realm of fashion. As the founder of the Hui Fund of Shenzhen Women and Children’s Development Foundation (SZWCDF), she champions social causes by promoting projects that empower women and children living in poverty. Through the foundation, she organizes educational tours for students to explore the Guizhou hinterland and immerse themselves in its vibrant local culture.

The Shenzhen-Milan Lifestyle Week stands as a testament to Huizhou Zhao’s unwavering dedication to fostering cultural exchange and collaboration. Under her visionary leadership, this event has not only injected a new dynamism into the fashion industry but also laid the groundwork for a future rich in creative partnerships between China and Italy.


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