4 Clever Tips To Save On Your Stylish Wedding

Your wedding is going to be one of the most memorable and special celebrations in your life. It’s a ceremony you’ll look back on repeatedly as years roll by. With this in mind, it’s crucial to plan ahead not only to minimize the stress, but also to make this event stunning yet cost-effective.

As long as you think outside the box, pulling off this one-time event doesn’t need to be expensive. Yes, you don’t need to compromise and not include trendy décor pieces simply because you’re in a tight budget. 

Whether or not you love the idea of DIY explorations and possibilities, you can make your dream wedding into a reality. To initiate the process, below is a list of tips to hep you save on your stylish wedding. 

4 Clever Tips To Save On Your Stylish Wedding

Purchase Seasonal Flowers For Your Bridal Bouquet

To keep costs minimal, consider purchasing affordable wedding bouquets made out of seasonal flowers. Opting to have flowers that are currently in bloom may help you save money as flowers that are hard to find can get pricey. 

If you’re about to hire a florist, collaborate with them regarding the excellent time to work on these flower arrangements, and, then, set your wedding date within that season. By working with a professional, you may can secure seasonal flowers within their window of availability.

Alternatively, if you like to get your hands on the arrangement, then you may choose new suppliers around town. Flowers from these stores may be economically priced to encourage people to try out their services, gradually building their first group of loyal customers. 

Moreover, you may also check out online flower wholesalers where you can purchase inexpensive, pretty flowers that can be maximized for the entire event.

4 Clever Tips To Save On Your Stylish Wedding (2)

At-Home Wedding

At-home weddings were already deemed special even before the pandemic. There’s always something intimate when you host your event right in front of your yard. Also, outdoor-themed ceremonies have easily become one of the most popular weddings over the recent years. With this, you no longer need to look or travel afar to have your dream outdoor wedding!  You simply need to have your yard ready for the whole transformation. 

Furthermore, if you plan to have the reception area within the house or at a nearby place, this may allow you to save on gas for supposed wedding party transportations. This is a definitely win!

Repurpose Your Flowers

There are several ways to repurpose your wedding flowers. For instance, with a few must-have craft tools, you can turn them into each table’s centerpiece. Alternatively, instead of grouping the flowers and putting them directly in vases, you can place a single-stem flower in each vase. This technique may help you dash up the reception tables, while staying on budget.

Consider A Micro Wedding

Small weddings, commonly known as intimate weddings, have been a growing trend since the COVID-19 pandemic altered people’s lives. This wedding trend also has its host of perks that can help couples stay within their allocated budget.

For instance, micro weddings focus on creating an intentional guest list with only a few people. Take note that your guest list is going to be one of the largest influences when it comes to your wedding expenses. With this in mind, it would be brilliant to revisit your list and keep your costs down by only inviting a few close loved ones for the intimate celebration. At the same time, this allows you to dispense your money to other crucial expenses, such as the venue or food.

Moreover, having a few attendees allows you to intentionally enjoy and spend time with them during your grand day. Although your guests may not clearly remember the minute details of your wedding, know that they can recall whether or not they had a splendid time during that day.

In addition, pod seating arrangements are an excellent idea that you can play around. A pod arrangement encourages your guests to interact with each other as this only allocates around four to six people per table. Likewise, by having smaller tables, you can make the area more spacious, especially if you opt to host your wedding in a small-sized setting.  

The Takeaway

There might be inevitable times when the wedding excitement may gradually turn to an overwhelming situation. You may be compelled to look for ways to stick to your budget and not compromise quality. Nonetheless, by being strategic with your planning, you may be able to save not only chunks of cash, but time and energy as well. On top of this, being thoughtful with your choices can provide you the opportunity to have the wedding of your dreams.

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