Must Have Craft Tools for Your Wedding

Must Have Craft Tools for Your Wedding

Your wedding is one of those life events you’ll remember for the rest of your life. No matter how the details play out on the day, you can do everything in your power beforehand to make it a beautiful and meaningful event. One of the best ways to add that personal touch is with DIY decorations and personalized décor. Here are the must have craft tools for your wedding.

Must Have Craft Tools for Your Wedding

Cutting Instruments

Some of the essential items in your wedding craft repertoire are cutting instruments—you must have a reliable pair of sharp scissors. Ensure you have a pair that’ll work with all kinds of paper products, as well as fabric scissors if you plan to use woven materials. You can also find a Xacto knife for precision cuts or a hole punch for unique cuts.

When cutting any craft item, always measure it out. Find a cutting mat and ruler to scale your cuts and protect the surfaces beneath. If you want an all-in-one tool, use a paper trimmer. These instruments come with a ruled cutting surface attached to a straight knife for precise, linear cuts.

Adhesive Elements

You should also find quality adhesive elements, such as glue. From glue sticks to hot glue guns, there are all kinds of glues that vary in color, adhesive strength, and style. You can also opt for adhesive like tape. Tape runners, painter’s tape, and double-sided tape can come in handy when crafting wedding items.

For more creative adhesive elements, you can use a sewing machine and stapler. These tools will fashion two items together that were previously separate. Depending on the kinds of materials and designs you want, a sewn or stapled edge will look delicate and lovely. For adhering items to surfaces, you should find rubber cement or stick-then-pull wall tape.

Writing Materials

Every wedding needs proper stenciling and demarcation. Use writing materials such as pens, pencils, markers, and sharpies for writing table settings and guest cards. You can also utilize fun options like chalk and paintbrushes for an artistic and trendy aesthetic.

Decorative Items

Once you have all the proper tools in place, you must find the right decorative items to adorn your crafts. Glitter is a hallmark crafting item that’ll surely add a magical sense to your wedding décor. If you have a winter wedding, glitter, along with decorative snow, can make your event all the more transcendent.

Ribbon is one of the most versatile and practical decorative items around. Though there are many ways to use ribbon in your wedding décor, utilize it how you see fit. Ribbon has various uses in crafting situations, from custom-printed grosgrain ribbon to billowy deco mesh ribbon.

Once you have these must have craft tools for your wedding, let the creating begin! Plan out your favorite crafts; delegate as much as possible to others helpers so you can focus on the other wedding arrangements.

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