Hangry Animals NFTs To Feed IRL Endangered Elephants With the First NFTs Created In AR @ Art Basel Miami

Hangry Animals NFTs To Feed IRL Endangered Elephants With the First NFTs Created In AR @ Art Basel Miami

Hangry Animals

Dec 2, 2021 (Miami Beach Marina) – Hangry Animals launches its star-studded entertainment NFT franchise with a live performance by LA-based graffiti artist and Belcastro founder, Tylor Kenyon, creating the world’s first AR painting to be minted into an NFT, aboard a VIP yacht party  7:30pm Thursday, December 2, during Art Basel Miami 2021.

Kenyon will create a live painting of a yet-to-be-released Hangry Animal character using a pair of state-of-the-art, Realmax 100 Augmented Reality Glasses and AR drawing software that allows for inputs by hand gestures onboard the evening yacht cruise for the Art Basel Miami Beach show. The artwork will then be paired with a Hangry Animal and minted into an NFT by the veteran creator of crypto projects, only known as Coinburn.

The event, in cooperation with Live AR Events & Miami Swim Week, will mark the first instance of an artwork created live in an AR environment minted into an NFT at Art Basel Miami. Tylor will also be using the AR glasses to draw a Kitty Kat Coin emblem, and the Graffiti bear from his own collection. All of the AR artwork will go for auction.

The NFT will be bundled with the AR headset that was used to create the painting, and a half dozen other NFTs to be auctioned for the benefit of IRL elephants and people. The auction for the NFT is private and closed, exclusively only for the attendees of the yacht party. 

Net proceeds of the auction will go towards caring for the 30 of the world’s last remaining 800 Sumatra elephants living in Bali with the Mason family who rescued them from the devastation of deforestation 25 years ago, SaveBaliElephants.org, with a portion also benefiting SavingGanesh.org, and Unity coding certification programs for High School Students in Miami.

The VIP evening cruise is hosted by the Belcastro Yacht Series, and the creative team of Live AR Events which teamed up with the owners of Miami Swim Week The Shows to develop the AR software and one-of-a-kind experiences such as these.

Hangry Animals NFTs is a multimedia entertainment franchise created by Welsh artist, Andrew Minton, and Coinburn. The NFTs give collectors exclusive access to the Angry Animals movie voiced by celebrity recording artists, screenings, and other events as well as premium merchandise. What began as a joke between friends quickly grew into a flushed out vision of memorable characters that capture the dystopic tensions of city life in modern times with gritty humor and street art for the digital generation. 

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