Guide to Outdoor Kitchen Pleasures

Guide to Outdoor Kitchen Pleasures

One of the best ways to improve a home is to build an outdoor kitchen. Not only does an outdoor kitchen add value to a home, but it provides a great entertainment space.

Most homeowners find cooking meals outdoors more fun than the traditional way, but it can be challenging to know where to start. Keep reading for a guide to making an outdoor kitchen relaxing and enjoyable. 

The Planning Stage 

Planning can take a lot of time since homeowners often are starting from scratch. Ideally, a design will have a kitchen near the house, facing the sun. It can be very convenient to keep the outdoor kitchen close to the indoor kitchen. Companies like RTA Outdoor Living provide plans and suggestions for organizing an outdoor space. 

Understand the Costs 

Be sure to understand the costs ahead of time because installation can be expensive. Consider things like electrical outlets for appliances, lighting, storage drawers, and cupboards when making a budget. Hot water and gas will also need to be run to the outdoor kitchen. 

Layout Planning 

A functional outdoor kitchen layout considers several different zones. The hot zone is where all of the cooking takes place. This is where the grill goes, and any other cooking appliances like a pizza oven, gas cooker, or smoker. A cool zone is a place for refrigerators and coolers.

A dry zone is where homeowners prepare the food, and a wet zone is a place for the sink and dishwasher. Depending on the space available, there can be more or fewer zones since every outdoor kitchen is different. 

Ambient Atmosphere 

Lighting is essential for cooking and entertaining. Spotlights work well over food preparation and cooking areas. LED lights, lanterns, and wall lights make an ambient atmosphere for relaxing and entertaining. Because evenings can get cool outside, some families like to install an electric heater or build a fire pit. 

Guide to Outdoor Kitchen Pleasures

Basic Accessories 

Along with a grill and sink, accessories make an outdoor kitchen more practical and comfortable. A compact refrigerator is great for keeping drinks cold in the summertime or storing side dishes and desserts until it is time to serve them. Many homeowners enjoy having a wine cooler to keep wines at the perfect temperature, and Kegerators can keep favorite brews on draft for beer lovers.

An ice maker is another convenient outdoor kitchen accessory. Owners will not need to make trips inside for ice when the outside machine keeps it handy. 

A trash bin or trash compactor can secure food waste from outside animals and keep the outdoor kitchen from foul odors. 

Flat-top grilles are fantastic for cooking pancakes, seafood, sauces, and eggs. Power burners or side burners are helpful for simmering barbecue sauces or a pot of soup.

When everyone gets tired of steaks and burgers, homeowners can consider adding a pizza oven to the kitchen, which also works well for casseroles and vegetable dishes. 

Seating Areas 

Don’t forget to plan for adequate and comfortable seating in an outdoor kitchen. Owners should consider how they will use the space and choose dining sets, conversation seating, and bar stools.

Many families enjoy having relaxed seating around a fire pit for late-night conversation. 

An outdoor kitchen can be as unique as its owner. Consider some of these amenities when crafting the perfect outdoor space. 


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