I wanted to tie this collection to the world of nature, which has always been a great passion for me.  My garden is, in fact, the place of the soul. A place that is exclusively mine, in which I recharge the batteries among the thousand commitments that my job requires. The quarantine spent in this oasis of peace allowed me to regain contact with nature and to savour all the beauties that surround me. Hence the idea of ​​setting the shots of my creations surrounded by greenery, as a tribute to the beauty of my true muse for this season: nature. In such an uncertain time as this, and until the situation returns to normal, the only answer to this necessity to dream that we call fashion show, lies in technology, and this video seemed to me like the only way to make people keep on dreaming and to pass emotions to my audience. ” Ermanno Scervino

The Spring Summer Collection 2021 for Ermanno Scervino is a beautiful celebration of women and a tribute to the Mediterranean breeze that blows with its own allure on the breathtaking views of Tuscany. The video, presented at Milano Digital Fashion Week on Thursday the 16th of July shows a female figure materialize with a multiple personality against flowery background, expressing Scervino’s love for beauty in a combination of mixed elements. You can actually see different women or the same woman in different moments of her being: variety is consistency, like in a garden.

Ermanno Scervino absolutely knows how to dress women: lightweight, impalpable materials with a constant blend of masculine and feminine. It’s fluid, elegant, but easy to wear, the beauty is in the intricate simplicity, which is a very Italian contrasty way of designing fashion, a skill that some designers lead to very high levels.

Masculine suits in white Sangallo lace, or blazers worn over shorts define the mixing and blend the genres. Dresses have laces too, they are fluid and do not restrain the body, embracing women for their uniqueness: feminine, but inclusive.

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Contrasts show also in jeans worn with intricate shirts, all in a melting pot of all-Italian craftsmanship, but contrasts are always delicate. Defined, yet not aggressive, they are assertive, give sense of confidence, but don’t overwhelm.

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In line with the style for 2021, lines are essential and precise, everything is immediate. As it most often happen with workmanship in the made in Italy, the complexity is in the simplicity. This collection is also incredibly versatile and can be mixed endlessly. While the dominant color is white, you still find splashed of pastel (pink, green, blue), suede coats, leather jackets and animal prints. And black is always black, of course.

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One of the finest collections presented, so far at Milano Digital Fashion Week, Ermanno Scervino stands out for being strong and delicate, soft and easy. It is not for a specific kind of woman. There is a little bit for everyone, but it is always a woman that is comfortable with herself.

This collection is really for women with their feminine beauty as star of their own shows, where feminine is mixed as desired, opening doors to individuality and personal touch. Mixed, direct, fluid and immediate show here: four of the key words for spring summer 2021, entwined with infinite style.

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Pictures and video courtesy of Ermanno Scervino

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