Ducati reopens Museum, combining the visit with new motorcycle or e-bike experiences

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  • After the temporary closure caused by the health emergency, the Ducati Museum will gradually reopen to the public starting on Saturday, July 4th.
  • Factory visits are suspended for safety reasons. The new virtual tour of the production lines will be soon available on the Ducati website.
  • New and exciting experiences, to be tackled by motorbike or on Ducati’s range of e-bikes, offered to visitors to encourage the discovery of the territory and its cultural, tourist and motoring traditions.

Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy) – On Saturday 4 July, on the same date that Ducati was founded 94 years ago, the Ducati Museum and the Fisica in Moto educational laboratory of the Borgo Panigale factory will reopen their doors to visitors, after the forced stop due to the health emergency.

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The reopening will be gradual. Until September 30th a visit to the Ducati Museum and the educational laboratory will be limited to Saturday and Sunday, with the exception of the weeks from August 3rd to 9th and from August 17th to the 23rd, when visits on weekdays will also be available.

A single ticket will be available for visitors at the special price of € 25, which includes admission to the Museum and a guided tour of the Fisica in Moto Laboratory, a truly unique opportunity to discover the history of the Borgo Panigale motorcycle manufacturer and the laws of physics applied to the world of motors. Visits to the factory remain suspended for safety reasons, but a new virtual tour will be soon available on the Ducati.com website which allows visitors to go inside the production lines.

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In line with the safety regulations against the spread of Covid-19, access to the facilities will be allowed for a maximum of 7 people per turn and after booking and purchasing the ticket on the website. Visits are scheduled every 15 minutes from 9AM to 6PM.

For the entire time within the company area it will be necessary to always keep social distancing of at least 1 metre and it is mandatory to wear a surgical mask. In the event that the visitor does not have one, one will be provided by the Museum staff.

In order to ensure greater availability for visitors and avoid gatherings, the maximum duration of the visit is one and a half hours (45 minutes at the Museum and 45 minutes at the Fisica in Moto Laboratory).

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New experiences to discover the territory

It will also be possible to combine a visit to the Ducati Museum and the educational laboratory with the new “experiences” that the Ducati Museum staff offers visitors. These are options, in any case related to the visit of the Museum and of Fisica in Moto, which are divided into two types of proposals that aim to discover the history, tradition and beauty of the Emilia-Romagna area of which Ducati is one of the most representative brands.

The proposed itineraries can be done in one day, visiting Bologna riding one of the new Ducati e-bikes, accompanied by E-xplora guides certified by the National MTB Academy. Or by motorbike, divided over several days, independently but with the possibility of following an expressly designed itinerary, renting a Ducati to travel in the beauty of the Apennine landscape or experience the Romagna Riviera, reaching it through alternative roads and routes that can be enjoyed on the bike.

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Here are the proposals:

1. E-bike: Bologna by E-xplora – a short and a longer tour to visit the city centre of Bologna, its historical monuments and the Bolognese hills on a Ducati Scrambler e-bike in one day. In both tours visitors will be accompanied by an E-xplora certified National MTB Academy guide. The cost of the city centre tour is € 65, with the city centre and Bologna hills tour € 85, Ducati Scrambler e-bike rental and guide included. For those who so desire, there is also an opportunity to have lunch at the Ducati Scrambler Food Factory in Bologna.

2. Motorbike: Mid-Reno and Savena Valley – a perfect route for a motorbike tour, to discover the ancient history of the Bolognese Apennines and its waters along two legendary roads: the “Porrettana” and the “Futa”. From the Ducati Museum, in fact, you can easily take the “Porrettana”, the road between Bologna and Pistoia built in the crucial years of our country, between the wars that brought about the independence and the unification of Italy. To be done independently or by renting a motorcycle at the Ducati Factory Store (price list for motorcycle and clothing rental on the Ducati website).

3. Motorbike: The Stradelli Guelfi. From the Middle Ages to the origins of Romagna motorcycling, from Baracca and Taglioni, to Cervia and Cesenatico, the origins of the Mototemporada Romagnola – the Stradelli Guelfi route represents an intelligent alternative to go to the seaside, avoiding the daily summer traffic heading for the destinations of the Romagna Riviera and retracing the roads that tell the origins of motorcycling in the region. An authentic example of a “slow ride” the Stradelli cover the stretch of Romagna that arrives at the Riviera of Ravenna, immersed in the colourful countryside. To be done independently or by renting a motorcycle at the Ducati Factory Store (price list for motorcycle and clothing rental on the Ducati website).

To learn more about the stages of the different routes go on the Ducati website. For information and reservations, write directly to the Ducati Museum reception service: [email protected]

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