Devon Windsor's Spring 2024 Collection Launch at CURIO at Faena Bazaar

RHOM Star KIKI BARTH attends Devon Windsor’s Spring 2024 Collection Launch at CURIO at Faena Bazaar

Devon Windsor's Spring 2024 Collection Launch at CURIO at Faena Bazaar

A Glamorous Fusion of Fashion and Celebrity at CURIO at Faena Bazaar

Miami’s fashion scene was set ablaze with the launch of Devon Windsor‘s Spring/Summer 2024 Collection at CURIO at Faena Bazaar, a highlight event that drew a constellation of stars and style aficionados to its newly unveiled swim salon. The event wasn’t just a showcase of Windsor’s latest creations but a testament to Miami Beach’s enduring influence on the world of fashion.

Star-Studded Elegance

Guests include Kiki Barth, the beloved star from “Real Housewives of Miami,” who, along with high-profile influencers Vale Genta, Cindy Prado, and Martha Graeff, graced the event, making it an affair to remember. Hosted by CURIO’s Co-Founders, Danielle Licata, and Jeff Lasota, the gathering was a perfect blend of luxury, creativity, and camaraderie, set against the backdrop of CURIO’s elegant ambiance.

A Celebration of Swimwear and More

CURIO at Faena Bazaar, known for its eclectic and high-end fashion offerings, took this opportunity to debut its expansive Swim Salon. Spread across three levels, the salon promises an unmatched shopping experience, catering to both men and women with a discerning taste for style and elegance.

Devon Windsor’s collection itself was a highlight, featuring an array of chic boho swimwear and versatile beach coverups. The designs, ranging from sophisticated neutrals and soft pinks to bold blacks and vibrant multi-colored patterns, showcased Windsor’s flair for combining comfort with high fashion. Each piece in the collection is designed to make a statement, whether at the beach or during a casual city outing.

Devon Windsor's Spring 2024 Collection Launch at CURIO at Faena Bazaar

An Intimate Experience with Personal Touches

In an event that went beyond showcasing the latest Devon Windsor collection, VIP guests enjoyed a personalized styling experience, allowing them to immerse themselves in Windsor’s vision. The gesture of gifting guests with their chosen outfits from the collection added a personal touch, making the event not just a celebration of fashion but of individual style and expression.

Shop the Dream

For those inspired by the collection, CURIO at Faena Bazaar offers the perfect avenue to explore and own a piece of this exquisite line. The boutique, located at 3400 Collins Ave, Miami, FL, welcomes fashion enthusiasts from 11 AM to 7 PM daily. For those afar, the collection is also accessible online, offering a chance to bring a piece of Miami’s chic style into wardrobes around the world.


Looking Forward

As the event wrapped up, it was clear that Devon Windsor’s Spring/Summer 2024 Collection had made its mark, promising a season of style, sophistication, and sun-soaked adventures. The fusion of celebrity glamour, innovative design, and the intimate shopping experience at CURIO at Faena Bazaar sets a new standard for fashion launches, one that resonates with the vibrant spirit of Miami Beach.

As the Miami fashion scene continues to flourish, events like these remind us of the magic that happens when creativity, community, and fashion come together.


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