7 Diamond Alternatives for Your Engagement Ring

7 Stunning Diamond Alternatives for Your Engagement Ring

If you’re looking at options for the perfect engagement ring, you may have been shocked by the cost of diamond rings. It may be more than you budgeted.

We understand that diamond engagement rings may only be affordable to some people. That is why we put together a list of diamond alternatives to help you stay within your budget. We guarantee you’ll find the perfect gemstone to surprise your partner.


The space-originated moissanite is a lab-grown and gorgeous diamond alternative. It closely resembles a diamond but is more budget-friendly. Moissanite rings create the traditional look of diamond engagement rings without compromising on the sparkle you’re looking for.

The moissanite can come with a yellow or green hue. There’s also a colorless option that manufacturers have perfected over the years. This gem gives off a beautiful rainbow effect when hit by the light.

The moissanite is an eye-catching gem that can fit perfectly with your dream dress. These gemstones are not as hard as diamonds, but they come close. It’s a durable choice that’s fantastic for everyday use.

White Topaz

The white topaz is a natural gemstone that gives an elegant look to any jewelry piece. It has a similar appearance to diamonds but is much less expensive, making it an attractive alternative to a diamond engagement.

The white topaz comes in various hues, ranging from yellow to red to colorless. While it gives off a beautiful sparkle and brilliance, it’s not as brilliant and sparkly as a diamond.

This gemstone has less hardness than the diamond and may chip over time. Luckily, it’s affordable and easy to replace when needed.


Suppose you want to add a little color to your diamond alternative engagement ring. In that case, morganite may be for you. It’s a budget-friendly option with a subtle peach color that gives it a more vintage feel. It also comes in a large variety of cuts to suit your taste.

While the morganite comes in various colors, from pale pink to violet, the blush color truly steals the show. With a hint of peach, this gemstone is a gorgeous diamond alternative with a pop of color.

While not as hard as a diamond, morganite is a hard stone. However, it’s still susceptible to scratches and chips, so you’d need to care well for it.


The sapphire gemstone is a gorgeous diamond alternative that royals have enjoyed for many years. You may have spotted this gemstone in the iconic engagement ring of Kate Middleton. It’s perfect for those looking for a unique-looking engagement ring.

7 Stunning Diamond Alternatives for Your Engagement Ring

Sapphires come in a wide range of colors, with deep blue being the most well-known. Other popular choices for engagement rings include pinks and yellows. The white sapphire is perfect if you want that diamond look.

As a bonus, if you choose the sapphire for your engagement ring, you choose a highly scratch-resistant gemstone. With a ranking of 9 on the Mohs scale, this gem’s durability makes it an excellent choice for an engagement ring since it’ll last for many years.


Purple is known to give any style a royalty feel, so it’s no wonder Amethysts have been a treasured gem for centuries and appear in many artifacts. The Amethyst is excellent if you want to add royalty to your engagement ring.

It comes in hues from deep purple ranging to pastel lavender. Combine this gemstone with a diamond accent, and you’ve got a ring that’ll turn heads.

The Amethyst gemstone is versatile and comes in many cuts and shapes. While it’s not as hard as other colored gemstones, it still makes an attractive engagement ring gemstone. It has a seven on the Mohs scale, so you’ll need to treat it carefully.


Why not add ‘something blue’ to your wedding look with a beautiful and affordable aquamarine engagement ring? The aquamarine gemstone gives off a pale blue color and works well with many ring settings. It’s a true eye-catcher as the gem of the sea.

The color of the aquamarine is the most valuable part of the gemstone. Its color intensity determines the price of this gemstone. The more intense the color, the more it’ll cost.

Aquamarines aren’t the hardest gem on the market; other gemstones, such as diamonds and sapphires, can easily scratch them. Since it has a softness of 7.5 on the Mohs scale, please keep it away from other jewelry and rough wear to preserve its stunning form.


The gorgeous emerald gemstone is one of the rarest stones. They’re a beautiful and unique gemstone option that can make incredibly unique engagement rings. They are known for their rich green color.

While emeralds can be priced similarly to diamonds, it’s still easy to find an emerald engagement ring within specific budgets. Lab-grown emeralds have more brilliance than their nature-made counterparts but are also considerably cheaper.

Their hardness is similar to the morganite and aquamarine gemstones. It requires care to prevent scratches, retain its appearance, and last long after the proposal.


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