4 Subtle But Common Reasons Why Women Break up Relationships

4 Subtle But Common Reasons Why Women Break up Relationships

Despite common stereotypes, men also experience pain when parting. And they suffer after another unsuccessful romance (with a bucket of ice cream and a tearful movie). A man may not even know why the same scenario is repeated over and over again and where the mistake is, and most importantly — which one. We will try to explain what is the matter.

1.  Jealousy

Usually, jealousy is associated with personal experiences — this is the fear of being alone. It happens that men are afraid not to correspond to their Russian brides and do not want to be in a situation where they feel inappropriate. Jealousy can be caused by childhood trauma — abandoned, left alone. A person becomes so uncomfortable with memories that he gets into strong emotions, begins to worry, without wanting to, but cannot prevent and brings the situation to paranoia. Often, jealousy is associated with betrayal — for example, in a previous relationship, a woman cheated on a man, so now he has completely lost confidence in them.


2.  Indecision

The first step is always expected from a man. A man by nature is a conqueror; he should be the first to take the initiative. A woman is in anticipation of actions, and without receiving them, she can go to another, the more decisive one, to the one who will conquer her. Men do not want to be rejected, they are afraid of rejection.

It often takes a man more time to understand that he made the right choice. Many times a rejected man will be afraid to start something new. Lack of experience in a relationship is also a reason to make a lot of mistakes, never daring to take a serious step. Lack of initiative provokes self-doubt.

3.  Refusing to Work on a Relationship

The man’s refusal to work on relationships is explained by his admission of his weakness: “I don’t know something, I cannot solve the problem myself and ask for help.” When turning to someone for help, a man is forced to be frank, talking about his weaknesses and mistakes. For many, this is unbearable; it is hard for men to be open and vulnerable. A woman needs to explain to her partner that working on relationships is crucial for their preservation.

Refusing to Work on a Relationship

4.  Lack of Interest in Your Woman’s Life

There are different sides of the same coin. It is either congenital narcissism and selfishness — typical for a man who was a “golden” child in the family and was used to receiving all the attention only to his person, or, on the contrary, in childhood, he did not receive anything and in adult life decided to live exclusively for himself.

A man is used to putting himself first — he can do it both consciously and unconsciously. Some men blur the boundaries: what is mine is yours. And some clearly establish them: I have my own life, you have your own, somewhere we intersect, and somewhere we don’t.

Not understanding his feelings, not talking about them, a man (and any person) generally ceases to understand what he wants. According to psychologists, this is the main male mistake in a relationship.

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