Whales Drops Highly-Anticipated 17-Track Sophomore LP – ‘Two Worlds Apart’









In a sensational prelude marked by infectious offerings including “Digital Demons”, “Big Room”, and “Beyond”, Whales emerges from the depths to reveal the true gem of his artistry – the 17-track magnum opus ‘Two Worlds Apart’. Like a siren’s call, his highly-anticipated sophomore album lures listeners into an audacious blend of sonic depths; ranging from the pulse-pounding beats of dubstep to the tranquil embrace of ambient tones. In a mesmerizing dance between dual realms, Whales curates a sonic tapestry reminiscent of the enigmatic meeting point of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans – two titans touching, yet retaining their unique essence. ‘Two Worlds Apart’ is out now and available to stream across all platforms.


Whales’ mastery is evident from the very beginning. Kicking things off, “One More Time” sets the album ablaze, characterized by a tantalizing bassline that surges with mounting tension. Whales’ deft touch draws listeners into a whirlpool of anticipation, climaxing with an electrifying drop that roars with unmatched intensity. “Don’t Want You To Go” sweeps listeners into a celestial fusion of haunting vocals and sophisticated rhythms. With its standout snares and delicately crafted percussive elements, the track radiates a more subdued yet entrancing aura. Charging forth, “Right On” erupts – an unapologetic bass-house anthem oozing with raw dynamism. Clocking in just under ninety seconds, the pulse-quickening gem guarantees that the adrenaline never wanes, serving up a fervent call to the dance floor.

“For over a decade, I never really made a project that captured my musical essence, reflecting my roots, influences, and my evolution across genres like dubstep, hip-hop, and rock. I struggled with branding and trying to find the right balance between my two musical worlds. Finally, last year, “Aqua” for my heavier music and “Soul” for my melodic side was born. These personas, represented visually by two whales with distinct tales, not only strengthened my fan community but also crafted a musical universe. After a year of rolling with these identities, I knew it was time to showcase something bigger than ever before — to show both sides of me and tell the story to the max. The inspiration for the project draws from the unique boundary where the Pacific and Atlantic oceans collide, but don’t mix. I’ve always imagined my music in that way, making this natural phenomenon the perfect fit for this project.”


Lost Control” beckons listeners into an ambient, downtempo dreamscape. Here, melodies drift gracefully, reminiscent of seaweed dancing in a serene ocean current, while ethereal vocals whisper enigmatic tales, casting a hypnotic aura that evokes the mysteries of the deep. The tranquil voyage takes a twist with “Revenge”, submerging listeners into a dark abyss where foreboding bass lines dominate and threaten to swallow the senses whole. The masterpiece sets the atmosphere ablaze with its chilling bass and sonic design that pulsates with a ghostly resonance. Released earlier this summer, “Digital Demons” spotlights the harmonious fusion of Whales with Israeli singer-songwriter, Saphir. Seamlessly blending electronic elements with shades of grunge, the dynamic duo crafts a contemporary anthem that reverberates with an ageless charm, echoing a siren’s call for the digital epoch.With “Stopping Me”, Whales elegantly weaves together the intricate threads of tech-house and bass-house. With beats that are contagiously rhythmic, the track is poised to become the pulse of house music dance floors, enchanting listeners with its sizzling tempo. As the journey progresses, “Move It Like” takes center stage, illuminating Whales’ vast musical prowess. Seamlessly shifting into an electrifying drum n bass cadence, it accentuates his mastery over a broad spectrum of sonic textures. Delving even further into the auditory abyss, “Big Room” emerges, a formidable collaboration with Cure97. Radiating waves of electric magnetism, its heartbeat-like rhythms evoke pure adrenaline, encapsulating the listener in a spell of sheer exhilaration. The track’s audacious soundscape promises a breathtaking journey, ensuring listeners are immersed in a whirlwind of musical euphoria.Next on the lineup is “Outsider”, a track pulsating with bass-rich intensity and sculpted with razor-sharp rhythms that ensnare the senses. As the journey progresses, “Fuck Around & Find Out” takes the spotlight, epitomizing Whales‘ unmatched talent for genre fusion. The marriage of trap-infused elements with his hallmark bass resonances renders the track audacious and mesmerizing. Both offerings firmly establish Whales’ signature soundscape, effortlessly merging intricate details with profound bass undertones. Transitioning into “Confession“, Whales unveils a moment of sublime serenity within the album’s vibrant tapestry. Draped in sultry vocals and glistening soundscapes, this track cocoons listeners in a gentle embrace, offering a serene oasis amidst the storm of sonic prowess, hinting at the depth and breadth of Whales’ artistry.Taking center stage, “Beyond” featuring Fytch artfully navigates the profound quest for worldly belonging. Continuing this introspective journey, “Swipe My Heart” alongside Lusil melds introspective narratives with spirited beats. Both productions envelop the senses with their compelling fusion of glitch-tinged bass and rhythmic cadences, ensnaring listeners in a seductive dance of sound and emotion. As the journey deepens, “Too Late” emerges, a collaboration with creative force Misdom. Weaving a poignant narrative of heartbreak and deception, Misdom’s haunting vocals resonate deeply, mirroring the chaos of a heart betrayed, all underpinned by Whales’ emotionally charged backdrop.Old Me” shimmers with an alluring aura, as singer-songwriter Medyk graces the fray with his ethereal presence, weaving vocals that drench the soul in mystique. Echoing themes of transformation and renaissance, the track unfurls against a canvas rich in melodious artistry, capturing the essence of an inner journey to rediscovery.  Rounding out the album, “You” follows; an intricate tapestry of electrifying synths, evoking a myriad of emotions. These final tracks draw the curtain on the expansive album, leaving listeners in a state of reflective euphoria.The release of Whales’ sophomore album marks a pivotal moment; converging with his eagerly-awaited North American tour hitting the likes of DenverDallasMiami, and more, as well as his soon-to-be iconic performance at the legendary Lost Lands Music Festival. In tandem with the news, September 19 will witness the launch of Whales’ debut merchandise line in partnership with Kill the 8, adding another facet to the bass maestro’s ever-expanding universe. Tickets for Whales’ Fall 2023 tour are on sale now – https://www.whales.fm/tour

Whales Drops Highly-Anticipated 17-Track Sophomore LP - 'Two Worlds Apart'

Bridging the divide between diverse electronic genres, ‘Two Worlds Apart‘ beckons listeners to embark on a transcendent voyage with Whales as their trusted captain. The highly-anticipated LP stands as a monolith of Whales’ prodigious talent, weaving together 17 distinct sonic tapestries, each showcasing his extraordinary versatility as an artist. With ‘Two Worlds Apart,’ Whales curates an exquisite journey that promises to resonate with aficionados of every electronic subgenre, affirming his position as a trailblazer of the contemporary electronic landscape.



Since his early years Tal, known by his stage name Whales, has had a special connection with music. Growing up in Israel, at the early age of five years old, Whales began to listen to different genres of music on CDs. When he was seven years old, Whales began playing the goblet drum and performing in competitions. However, as passionate as he was about music, Whales faced major challenges because of a physical handicap. Tourette’s Syndrome began to take over Whale’s life, and because of this, he was unable to play instruments in the way that he wanted to. Although he faced such a setback, Whales never gave up his dream of pursuing music. He found solace in producing music with FL studio and developed his own unique sound. 2012 was a pivotal year for Whales, as he discovered the dubstep genre which he became attracted to. Although his health continued to decline, Whales used music as an escape. In 2013, under the name, “Sex Whales,” Tal released his first unofficial remix which helped him gain an audience through SoundCloud. Slowly, under Sex Whales, Tal gained a fan base and started collaborating with other artists.  In 2016 he released, “We Are,” and “Dead To Me” on the YouTube channel Trap Nation, and began touring internationally, playing shows in Europe, Canada, and China. He received significant recognition in Israeli news and started to assemble a team that would promote his music to the world. After gaining recognition, he rebranded as “Whales” and began working with a variety of record labels, including MonstercatAtlantic Records, and Sony Music, as well as collaborating with industry heavy-hitters including  ExcisionShaquille O’NealBorgoreKayzo, and more. With the rise in popularity of his music, Whales’ health began to improve. The Tourette’s Syndrome Whales had experienced significantly subsided, and his mood improved greatly. In 2021, Whales’s hit single “Dead To Me” began going viral on TikTok, and in early 2022, charted on Spotify’s Global Top 200 Dance & Electronic Music Chart and has remained there for more than twenty weeks, peaking at #78. Tal’s motivation for his work is to inspire people and bring positivity to the community through his music.


09.15.2023 – Green Elephant – Dallas, TX09.22.2023 – Le Belmont – Montreal, Quebec09.23.2023 – MeowWolf – Denver, CO09.24.2023 – Lost Lands Festival – Thornville, OH10.14.2023 – Oasis Wynwood – Miami, FL10.20.2023 – Rampage Amsterdam – Zaandam, Netherlands11.18.2023 – Raves Club – El Paso, TX11.25.2023 – Town Ballroom – Buffalo, NY12.08.2023 – Elektricity – Pontiac MI


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