Shndo’s new release “Risk It All”

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Shndo’s new release “Risk It All”

shndō returns with a smoldering vocal house single “Risk It All,” featuring a dark melodic bassline and silky vocals by Talii. The sultry and sophisticated house track is the latest offering in a string of singles from shndō on Dim Mak.

The journey began with an instrumental that emerged when shndō settled into his first high-rise condo overlooking the mesmerizing Miami bay in 2021. Subconsciously absorbing the aquatic frequencies of the breathtaking view, the instrumental took shape, brimming with vibes. However, it was the missing piece of the puzzle – the perfect topline – that was yet to be discovered.

Undeterred, shndō embarked on a search, sharing the track with various writers in the hopes of finding the ideal fit. But it was a stroke of inspiration that led him to send the track to Talii & Bliz, both renowned figures in the R&B realm and co-writers on “Risk It All.” The moment the chords intertwined with their incredible songwriting, it was a match made in musical heaven.

A week later, the universe answered with an awe-inspiring song, and shndō’s car became the first audience to witness the magic. The synergy between the track and the song was undeniable, seamlessly fusing together to create “Risk It All.” “The song fits like a glove along with the track,” shndō explains.

With aquatic echoes, R&B vibes, and an irresistible energy, “Risk It All” is not just a track – it’s a music journey that encapsulates the essence of Miami bay and the artistic collaboration that brought it to life. Get ready to immerse yourself in the fusion of soundscapes as shndō and Talii invite you to “Risk It All.”

shndō’s passion for music production began at age 13 while living in the Dominican Republic. At 22, he decided to fully commit to his music, collaborating with notable producers and artists in Los Angeles, CA, including Epik Beats, Tariq Beats, Wallis Lane, and more. These collaborations honed his skills and fueled his pursuit of greatness. Influenced by artists like Avicii, Skrillex, and Major Lazer, shndō developed a unique style that led him to produce hits such as Justin Bieber’s “Peaches” and work with Cardi B, Chris Brown, and others. Now focusing on his solo project as “shndō,” he continues to make waves with his exceptional productions and dedication to musical excellence.

“Risk It All” is out September 15th.

shndō’s new release will make you want to “Risk It All”



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