The Future of Luxury Illuminated by Industry Trailblazers at NYC Gathering

The Future of Luxury Illuminated by Industry Trailblazers at NYC Gathering

On Friday February 9th, New York City witnessed a gathering of luminaries at the forefront of the luxury industry. Adirè Venture Holding Group, a trailblazing luxury brand investment firm, collaborated with renowned menswear brand Phillip Grandison to curate an exclusive brunch. This event brought together twelve influential women executives, setting the stage for insightful discussions on ‘The Future of Luxury‘ Serving as the inaugural event for New York Fashion Week (NYFW) Fall 2024, the brunch unfolded at the opulent Gotham New York, generously sponsored by Voga Italia and supported by Marilyn Lopez, Founder of TAG Collective.

The highlight of the occasion was the presence of globally revered Women’s Rights Activist, recording artist, and Love and Hip Hop Miami sensation, Amara La Negra, who adeptly moderated the discussions. The focus was on unraveling the nuances of luxury experiences for creatives of color, with insights from twelve accomplished women shaping the industry.

The guest list included luminaries such as luxury philanthropist and investor Cassandra Seidenfeld, Vanessa Simon, CEO of America Left, Right and Center, renowned fashion model and Founder of Georgie Badiel Foundation, Georgie Badiel, Guilaine Jean-Pierre, Chief Operating Officer of Adirè Ventures, Cassandra Csencsitz, co-owner of Gotham New York, and Alicia Thomas, CEO of boutique luxury real estate firm Town and Country Solutions Jamaica.

The discussions delved into challenges faced by women and minority designers in the luxury sector. Amara La Negra skillfully steered the conversation, encouraging the distinguished panel to share insights, opinions, and experiences. The discourse extended beyond the surface, exploring actionable innovations for a more equitable landscape within the industry.

Notable themes included fostering diversity and inclusion, dismantling barriers for emerging designers, and reshaping perceptions of luxury for minority creatives. Attendees passionately discussed strategies to amplify voices often marginalized in the industry, exploring avenues for systemic change.

Cassandra Seidenfeld emphasized the importance of financial empowerment for women entrepreneurs. Vanessa Simon brought her strategic leadership insights to the table, stressing the need for a holistic approach to diversity and inclusion.

Georgie Badiel shared her journey as a model and philanthropist, shedding light on the transformative power of representation. Guilaine Jean-Pierre, as the COO of Adirè Ventures, brought a unique perspective on investment strategies that uplift minority-led luxury ventures.

Cassandra Csencsitz and Alicia Thomas contributed valuable insights from their respective domains, enriching the conversation with a real-world understanding of luxury’s intersection with real estate and lifestyle.

This gathering was not just a moment in time but a catalyst for change. Adirè Ventures, underscoring its commitment to driving transformative initiatives, plans to reconvene a similar group. The overarching goal is to collaboratively create a blueprint challenging the current industry status quo. The aim is to revolutionize the trajectory for emerging luxury brands led by minority creatives, ensuring sustainability, inclusivity, and lasting impact.

As the echoes of empowering discussions lingered in the air, the brunch at Gotham New York became more than a sophisticated event – it became a cornerstone for the evolution of luxury, one where diverse voices resonate, shaping the future of an industry that strives for excellence, equality, and innovation


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