Denis Howlhita’s A/W 2024 Collection at London Fashion Week

Denis Howlhita's A/W 2024 Collection

Denis Howlhita presents their second official A/W 2024 collection, titled “Rebel Heart,” at London Fashion Week. The brand is the brainchild of two sisters, Denis and Isa García, originally from El Salvador but currently residing in Madrid, Spain. Together, they combine their design and sewing skills to create unique and innovative garments, forming a powerful team that drives the brand forward.

“Rebel Heart” draws inspiration from the rich heritage of Japanese culture and the rebellious spirit of 1970s London punk street fashion. The collection beautifully merges these influences, incorporating delicate symbolism of roses and paying homage to the Japanese animated series, Paradise Kiss. This fusion results in a striking contrast between rebelliousness and fragility, offering a fresh perspective on the punk aesthetic. “Rebel Heart” serves as a means of self-expression and identity, allowing individuals to embrace their uniqueness and showcase their style.

Each piece in the collection tells a compelling story, embodying the brand’s boldness and creative spirit. Amidst the chaos, beauty and fragility intertwine, giving rise to a nuanced narrative within the collection. Denis Howlhita emphasizes the importance of individuality and self-expression, encouraging wearers to embrace their inner rebellion and celebrate their distinctiveness.

The collection’s visual presentation is a collaborative effort, with credit given to the talented individuals who brought the vision to life. The video was directed by Tomas Duarte, while Camilo Delpin captured the stunning photography. Eva Quilez led the makeup and hair team, with assistance from Celia Gonzalez. Luis Campos served as the art director, and Raul Gonzalez and Anastasia Mahno contributed their expertise as stylists. Teresa Delgado and Virginia Campos provided valuable assistance as staff assistants. The models who showcased the collection were Nina, Alejandro, Victoria, and Febo, with Diego Lucas capturing behind-the-scenes moments.

For press inquiries and sales, interested parties can visit the official Denis Howlhita website at The brand’s social media handle is @denishowlhita, offering a platform to engage with their latest updates and connect with the brand’s community.

Denis Howlhita’s “Rebel Heart” collection is a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and offering a fresh perspective on fashion. With their unique fusion of cultural influences and rebellious spirit, they continue to redefine the punk aesthetic and inspire individuals to embrace their true selves. The collection’s intricate storytelling and meticulous craftsmanship make each piece a work of art, inviting wearers to express their individuality and find beauty amid chaos.


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