Most Common Style Mistakes Men Make That Need to Stop

The Most Common Style Mistakes By Men and How to Avoid Them

Your style represents who you are, and it can also give you increased confidence. Avoid these most common style mistakes men make, so you can look better.

White Socks

Socks have become more and more stylish in the fashion world. With this being the case, you want to want to avoid wearing white, athletic socks. Choose a unique design for your socks that will work well with your overall look.

Wrong Fit

A great way to make yourself look better, and more muscular, is to wear clothes that fit you. Wearing baggy or too-tight clothing can make you look unattractive; a slimmer fit that allows you to move around will make you look sharp.

Wearing the Wrong Sunglasses

Most of the time, many guys don’t think about the sunglasses they choose. Sunglasses are a great way to upgrade your style; however, there are a few things you need to consider when you buy sunglasses. The major thing is you want to get sunglasses that complement your face shape.

A Visible Undershirt

It’s common for men to get sweat stains, and an excellent way to combat them is to wear an undershirt. The key to maintaining your look, though, is to make sure that the shirt isn’t visible. For a button-up shirt, the best undershirt you can wear is one with a V-neck collar. This way, you can prevent sweat stains and sport your button-up shirt with style.

Wearing a Long or Wide Tie

When you dress up, a tie is one of the most important parts of the overall outfit. You want a cool pattern on your tie that works with your look, but you don’t want the tie to be too long or wide. Your tie length should fall around where your belt is—anything higher or lower will look odd. You also want to make sure your tie isn’t too wide or too skinny; try to find one that is about the same width as your jacket’s lapel.

Not Matching

Maybe the most common mistake that men often make with their style is not matching their clothes. This also goes for the footwear you choose. If you worry your clothes do not match, the Internet is your best resource. Search for images that show how the color or pattern combo would look. You should also pay attention to what the model is wearing when you shop online; it can provide you with a guide to follow as you search. You can also use mannequins in stores for inspiration.

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