Sharon Stone’s ‘My Eternal Failure’ Exhibition at Gallery 181, San Francisco

On view April 11 through August 31 at 181 Fremont Residences

Sharon Stone's 'My Eternal Failure' Exhibition at Gallery 181, San Francisco

Sharon Stone’s new exhibition, “My Eternal Failure” is set to debut at Gallery 181, located within San Francisco’s prestigious 181 Fremont Residences. Featuring a collection of 18 previously unseen paintings, the exhibit will run from April 11 to August 31. The title reflects Stone’s introspective journey during her six-year residency in San Francisco, a period marked by profound personal growth amidst challenging circumstances. Through her art, Stone pays homage to the city where she discovered resilience in the face of adversity, showcasing the transformative power of strength and perseverance. This exhibition marks Stone’s fourth solo showcase in just 12 months, following acclaimed exhibitions in Los Angeles, Greenwich, and Berlin (until May 18).

A Deeper Look at ‘My Eternal Failure’ Exhibition in San Francisco

“We are thrilled to bring the powerful art of Sharon Stone for the first time to San Francisco. As a former resident of the City, she is integral to our cultural fabric and we are honored to welcome her back with this new gallery show,” says Matt Lituchy, the Chief Investment Officer of Jay Paul Company (JPC). “181 Fremont is committed to celebrating the intersection of art and our community with provocative and intriguing programs like this one.”

Perched at an elevation of 700 feet, this art gallery is the crowning jewel of the magnificent tower crafted by JPC. Set on the 69th floor, the visually stunning space is acclaimed as the “highest art gallery globally,” offering unparalleled vistas of the Pacific Ocean, the Bay Bridge, and San Francisco’s iconic landmarks. The front page of San Francisco Magazine’s April edition celebrates the launch of the exhibition. Writer Michael McCarthy provides a sneak peek into the gallery show, highlighting its significance and allure.

“This fearless woman’s story takes on a new chapter. She picks up a paintbrush in the most genius way. As always, opening herself up to the world honestly and completely. She even returns to San Francisco to begin the work of finally healing, after a monumental health scare and heartbreak.”

“And now the world knows Sharon Stone as something entirely new, as bold as ever in her eternal quest at evolving,” says Michael McCarthy.

Stone drew inspiration for many of her latest pieces from the scenic vistas and diverse community of San Francisco. However, she also sought to depict her personal narrative from the early 2000s during her residency in the city. The core theme of the exhibition revolves around the concept of healing through the exploration and confrontation of the vulnerabilities she encountered during that period.

“I want this art exhibition to serve as a vehicle for self-forgiveness, and I hope it can help others do the same by letting go of societal stigmas and imposed perceptions,” says Stone.

“In this way, failures become sources of strength, and to face them is to keep growing. The exhibition’s title My Eternal Failure is freeing for me,” says Stone.

Stone admits it’s not easy returning to the places where she’s been hurt, but she is doing it. Returning to the scene where it happened and releasing it.

“Perhaps the softer way would have been to just ignore and avoid it, but I’m choosing to learn from it. This new series of paintings required me to look into the darkest corners of my life, and it was liberating,” says Stone.

“There was the bad space, but there is also the good space of making it through to the other side” adds Stone.

01 The Bay by Sharon Stone

About the Berlin Gallery show

Stone is currently showcasing her artwork in Europe at Galerie Deschler Berlin, with the exhibition running until May 18. Since its opening on Feb. 7, over 14,000 visitors have attended Stone’s Berlin show. The exhibition will also be highlighted during Gallery Weekend Berlin from April 26 to 28, a premier event in the contemporary art scene in Europe that draws over 30,000 attendees from across the globe.

About the Artist

Sharon Stone‘s artwork garners praise from prominent figures in the art world, such as Jerry Saltz, the Senior Art Critic for New York Magazine and recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism.

“In a sort of mystic unraveling, I see someone living a life in art. Being a freedom machine. She more than survives. Sharon Stone walked through the valley of death and into an art supply store,” says Jerry Saltz in his extensive artist interview with Stone:

Jerry Saltz recently featured Stone in his artist talks at the Vulture Fest in Los Angeles (view the L.A. video here) and at the prestigious 92nd Street Y in New York (view the New York video here).

Art historian Martin Oskar Kramer (Ph.D., Princeton University) describes Stone’s paintings as possessing a raw and spontaneously expressive quality, blending chaos and structure in an expression of feminine power deeply connected to natural forces. The recurring elements and symbols in her art signify change, flow, and metamorphosis.

Notable art critics have lauded Stone’s exhibitions, including Helen Stoilas in CNN Style (The Compulsive Power of Sharon Stone’s Art) and Whitney Mallet in Artnet News (Hollywood Icon Sharon Stone on Her Most Challenging Role Yet: An Abstract Painter).

Painting has been integral to Stone’s life since childhood, inspired by her Aunt Vonne, a Master’s degree holder in painting. Stone’s art journey continued through college, though she briefly paused to pursue modeling in New York City before returning to complete her degree in art and art history at Pennsylvania Western University in her late 50s in 2016.

During the COVID lockdown, Stone reconnected with art, painting daily for hours on end. The pandemic sparked a creative resurgence, channeling her lifelong artistic instincts onto the canvas.

Awards and Honors

Stone recently received the prestigious title of “Global Citizen of the Year” from the United Nations Correspondents Association, an honor presented by U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. Her global influence is widely recognized, evident in numerous accolades such as the Women Making History Award from the National Women’s History Museum, the Einstein Spirit of Achievement Award, the Nobel Peace Summit Award Laureate, and the Golden Globe Award. Additionally, she’s been a Primetime Emmy Award recipient and an Academy Award nominee. She’s also been named a Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters in France and received the 2023 Courage Award, the Harvard Humanitarian Award, and the Human Rights Campaign Humanitarian Award. As a New York Times bestselling author for “The Beauty of Living Twice,” Stone’s impact transcends entertainment into global advocacy and cultural leadership.

Gallery 181 San Francisco, situated within Jay Paul Company’s visionary development at 181 Fremont, boasts an avant-garde art program featuring a permanent collection and over 200 pieces including paintings, sculptures, and mixed media works. Stone’s exclusive collection is accessible by private appointment by contacting Carmen Legarda at [email protected]. Previous world-class exhibitions at 181 Fremont include renowned artists like Jenny Holzer, Cao Fei, Keltie Ferris, and Teresita Fernandez, reflecting the building’s commitment to artistic excellence and innovation.

Jay Paul Company, founded in 1975, is a premier real estate firm specializing in prime commercial properties across California. Their developments, tailored for leading technology firms, consistently deliver exceptional returns and set industry benchmarks for workplace quality. Learn more about 181 Fremont and Jay Paul Company’s transformative projects at and


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