Mr&Mrs Italy’s Approach to the Changes in Luxury Fashion

Mr&Mrs Italy’s Approach to the Changes in Luxury Fashion

Mr&Mrs Italy, now under the guide of a new CEO, was our first visit at Milano Fashion Week. Invited to the flag shop in Via Bagutta, the brand welcomed us with some news that highlight how fashion brands are adapting to many new realities, accelerated by the pandemic necessities.


The Milanese sophisticated brand, in love with the power of contrasts, is launching new strategies, following the evolution of fashion. Better: answering challenges that have accelerated the process of rethinking luxury. Brave and forward-thinking Mr&Mrs Italy, is answering to the changes of the perception of clothing with some solid bullet points

  • from a standby on its presence to fashion weeks, the brand is moving to presenting its new collections in targeted events
  • no more waiting for the new pieces. Mr & Mrs Italy works on capsule collections (8) presented during the year, much like a layer-friendly limited editions concept
  • to keep up with the identity of the brand, there will be a series of shorts that will embrace the collections, in order to befriend and make the consumers aware of the brand’s mission and intentions

Let’s see the points in detail:

The Covid19 reality has forced all fashion houses to rethink their relationship with customers. Looking at Milano Fashion Week, and the difficulties to interact in real life with customers and testimonials, for those brands that have as a fast point their tight and personal relation with their customers, the change went faster in rethinking with forward-thinking policies. Looking at what fast fashion and lockdowns have taught us, new customers have two new awarenesses that lead to two new answers:

1 – it’s more efficient to give customers apparels that they can choose and use immediately. That is why the new collection presented to us, will be available in shops and online shop in November;

2- we need clothes that work for every season, and that we can combine and interchange according to the real weather: that is why the new capsule collection can be combined, use day and night, home and out, pieces that can be layered and adapted to different needs;

Mr&Mrs Italy is heading to a no-sales policy. The new capsules will be available in shops right away, and won’t go on sale: when the capsule collection reaches its “best before”, it can no longer be bought. That translates the value of your product into limited edition/collectible apparels;

As said, the link between the brand and the new collections, will go through a series of shorts under the title “The Stars Are Back”. The goal of these videos is to celebrate the heritage of the brand and its constantly evolving style, approach the customers in a way they can personally relate to the brand and describe the clients’ identity through the choice of specific testimonials that fit the storytelling.

“The Stars Are Back” will include 8 episodes unveiling the 8 capsules that the brand will present during the year. In each episode, the characters will lead an adventurous search for a Mr&Mrs Italy’s iconic archival piece. For the first episode, the label chose actress and luxury influencer Audrey Tritto.

Known for her five-star lifestyle, Audrey explores a Western-inspired adventure in the middle of the suggestive countryside in the outskirt of Southern Italy’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site of Matera.

Driving a vintage convertible car, she crosses the breathtaking nature by wearing the pieces of the capsule she developed in collaboration with Mr&Mrs Italy. The ultimate value is in highlighting the sense of contrasts and how they integrate: a glamorous woman in a natural environment would finally define the collection as sophisticated but versatile. Give a look at the video here:

Designed indeed for ultimate versatility, this glamorous yet functional women’s lineup features a range of transformable pieces, which can be worn in many different ways. The capsule includes transitional parkas and short jackets, sometimes embellished with camouflage sequined patterns, that featuring practical zippers and buttonholes can be transformed to become vests, tops and also shorts.

Let’s give a look at some details:

Since Mr&Mrs Italy has a strong signature on outwears, looking at this combination seems appropriate.

MrMrsItaly 2 MrMrsItaly3 MrMrsItaly4

This is a combination proposed in the shop. It is a combination of different apparels, that can be worn separately, both with or without sleeves, the hood is removable and below the parka you can see a smaller jacket. Let’s see the individual pieces and how they can be styled up with accessories like sleeves and hood:

XPM0313 824902 18 XPM0313 824902 17 XPK0314 37681R 17XPK0318 306129 08 XPK0314 37681R 02

The fact that sleeves and hook can be added or removed gives potentially endless combinations. All pieces can be worn individually, and adapted to different seasons. Sequins add to the feminine side of the brand, and help giving a day/night look while the military pattern keeps it edgy.


As you can see from this frame, eco-friendly hand-picked feathers that Mr&Mrs Italy has used before, have touched the hearts of their customers and keep on appearing through this collection as a form of continuity. Also detachable, also working on different solutions:

XJK0166 800505 18 XJK0170 306128 18 XJK0170 800505 18XJK0166 800505 01 XJK0167 800504 01XJK0170 306128 01

As you can see, the brand is staying minimal on the color palette: it’s neutral and all focus on the unicity of their know-how of the technology of fabrics. Mr&Mrs Italy has worked defining high quality for the details and worked on their logo too. It’s cure for excellence to the most minimal detail.

MrMrsItaly5 MrMrsItaly6

There is a thoughtful and strongly business oriented reason behind this restyling: customisation and personalisation are becoming the determining reason why we decide to buy new clothes. Mr&Mrs Italy adds the uniqueness of the never on-sale collectible experience. It’s customisable, it’s durable, it’s now or never. And you will use it right away.

Now let’s give a look at the rest of the capsule collection: the jump-suit is a Mr&Mrs Italy evergreen, a signature for the brand, and it is very clean and softly adaptable to all body shapes.

XJS0121 376800 01 MrMrsItaly7XJS0121 376800 09

Then the collection is all for the sporty comfortable, but still city-style glamoured home to out day to night women. Sophisticated but comfortable, with luxury elements that makes every piece unique and classy. This is a fundamental element that separates luxury fashion from fast fashion: the cure for detail and the choice of durable materials, according to the brand, create the difference between industrial serie production and luxury production.

MrMrsItaly9 MrMrsItaly10

Interestingly, the top can be used with a detachable hood. All units come in long and short versions, with or without sequins, and in two colours.

XST0114 900000 16 XSS0150 900000 14 XSS0149 825000 15 XPA0132 824900 02 XJG0111 391000 03 XJG0112 900000 03XSS0149 391000 17

Mr&Mrs Italy have presented the second episode of the series too. Loyal to its international flare and the love for the city style, the second video is not filmed in Italy.

See it here:

American men’s fashion guru Nick Wooster is now the main character, and the story is set in New York City.

Filmed in different iconic locations of the city, including the hip tiny streets of Downtown, timeless Grand Central Station and the scenic Brooklyn Bridge, this short movie is an ode to the refined yet functional urban aesthetic. Nick Wooster and Mr&Mrs Italy teamed up on a concise, focused men’s capsule of four pieces:

  • a bomber,
  • a field jacket,
  • a parka,
  • a trench coat,

all designed with detachable elements, such as sleeves and quilted linings showing contrasting trims and shearling details. Crafted from a high-end combination of nylon and cotton, the garment dyed pieces, rendered in a restrained color palette of military green, indigo and white, can be enriched with detachable bandana scarves in vintage tattoo motifs.


If you are not familiar with Nick Wooster, then he is a very renowned fashion consultant born in Salina, Kansas, known among the insiders for his hard working lifestyle and unique sense of street style. His experience includes Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus chain stores. Even more he can list Calvin Klein and Polo Ralph Lauren in the carnet of brands that he successfully worked with.

Here is a detail of the trench coat and the stylish bandana that can be used separately as shown in the flag shop.

MrMrsItaly11 MrMrsItaly12

A partnership with Nick Wooster might appear more of a message to the insiders, but indeed it tells of a brand that is well aware of the who’s who in the fashion business and being Nick an expert on street style, it looks like a brilliant collaboration to say the least.

KBB0009 37681A 17 KBB0009 500108 15 KJK0016 140101 15 KJK0016 140101 17 KJK0016 140101 19 KPM0032 INT001 37681A 19

The Nick Wooster capsule collection is a very well balanced example of novelty and continuity for the brand. It is very Mr&Mrs Italy, but it is also new, lighter, cosmopolitan but ready to go. The bomber, that together with parkas define the roots of the brand, has a more compact look, more modern approach compared to more baggy versions seen through the years in other fashion realities, making it wearable for a wider range of customers and cutting the lines between luxury and fast fashion: style and design go different ways.

About bombers, looking at the first collection, another element is evident: Mr&Mrs Italy has reached the younger generations and here the iconic bomber is best suited for younger women.

MrMrsItaly13XBB0124 390901 01 XBB0124 824901 09

It’s a lot of news all in a single shot, but Mr&Mrs Italy is a brave, young well focused Made In Italy next generation brand. They dare trying new ways, from stepping progressively out of fashion week, to challenge fast fashion with their own weapons. They are a good example as to how luxury fashion is taking the challenges and giving them new values. Without compromising with quality, they move many steps closer to their customers, lowering some the age of their target with a look at comfortable, portable, yet citylike and sophisticated apparels. Fluid approach to seasons changing, with layered clothes is an interesting approach that has been tested and experimented in the lockdown reality.

Milano fashion week has been a silent revolution where many brands are using their know-how, creativity and experience to evolve into the new luxury fashion. I will continue with the analysis of the market, but an opening like Mr&Mrs Italy’s new approach has surely been a spark of change that defines Made In Italy as always a step ahead.

While the sensibility for good fabrics, good technology, traceable production has never been a bit of an issue for Italian fashion, that has been sustainable and aware for over 100 years, the evolution of style and distribution has bubbled all through Milano fashion week. Every brand has a new story, stay tuned to hear about other approaches.

To learn more about Mr&Mrs Italy and get access to the new collection, follow Mr&Mrs Italy on their website or on Instagram: @mrmrsitaly



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