Momonì parades at Shenzhen-Milan Lifestyle Week

Momonì parades at Shenzhen-Milan Lifestyle Week

Momonì Steps Up Its Global Game with a Show-Stopping Debut in China

In March 2024, the fashion world saw an exciting development as the Italian prêt-à-porter brand Momonì, part of the NYKY group, took a significant step forward in its international journey. Founded in 2008 in Treviso by Alessandro Biasotto and Michela Klinz, Momonì has always been about blending discreet beauty with essential elegance. This spring, it further expanded its horizons by participating in the prestigious Shenzhen Milan Lifestyle Week in China, marking a pivotal moment in its journey of global expansion.

A Fashion Fusion in Shenzhen

The Shenzhen Milan Lifestyle Week, a celebrated event that bridges cultures and fashion industries, was the perfect stage for Momonì to showcase its latest creations. The brand was featured in a fashion show at the Eachway Art and Fashion Museum, where it unveiled its Fall/Winter 2024-2025 collection aptly named “Secret Beauty.” This collection stood out as a tribute to understated elegance, highlighting garments rich in color and adorned with oriental-inspired decorations. It was a blend of modern and traditional, where every piece spoke volumes about the craftsmanship and unique vision behind Momonì’s designs.

Testing the Waters and Winning Hearts

For Momonì, this wasn’t just another fashion show. It was a crucial step in understanding and establishing a stronger presence in the rapidly growing Asian market. Until now, Momonì’s exploration of the Chinese market has been through its wholesale partner, the Magazzin Group, in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. This fashion show allowed the brand to directly gauge the Chinese audience’s reaction and further comprehend the vast potential waiting to be tapped into.

The event and the dedicated showroom space in Shenzhen offered Momonì a golden opportunity to share its distinct style and vision with an international audience. Buyers, journalists, and industry insiders got a closer look at what makes Momonì a unique player in the fashion industry. The goal was clear: to forge new partnerships and widen the brand’s reach, ensuring a stronger retail presence in Asia and beyond.

Momonì parades at Shenzhen-Milan Lifestyle Week

China: A Market of Opportunities

Alessandro Biasotto, reflecting on the experience, highlighted China as a key market for Momonì’s global aspirations. Participating in the Shenzhen Milan Lifestyle Week was a strategic move to strengthen ties with the Asian market and to layout future strategies for growth. “China represents an important market and an opportunity for our brand,” Biasotto remarked, emphasizing the importance of not only focusing on new horizons but also strengthening the brand’s foothold in its primary markets like Italy, France, and Spain.

The Road Ahead

As of now, Momonì boasts 18 mono-brand stores across Italy, Spain, and France, along with 43 shop-in-shops and a presence in 570 locations worldwide. The brand’s journey from a small Italian town to the global stage is a testament to its vision, quality, and the universal appeal of its designs.

The Shenzhen Milan Lifestyle Week was more than just a platform for showcasing Momonì’s latest collection; it was a statement of the brand’s readiness to embrace new challenges and opportunities. As Momonì continues to navigate the complexities of the global fashion market, its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainable growth remains unwavering.

With its eyes set on further international expansion, Momonì is not just following trends but setting them, offering a fresh perspective on fashion that is both timeless and boundary-pushing. As the brand continues to evolve and adapt, its journey serves as an inspiring example of how embracing change and seeking new horizons can lead to remarkable achievements in the competitive world of fashion.


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