Mexican Artist Gonzalo Lebrija Reveals Lighthouse on the Coastline of Xala

Reconceptualizing a Historic Structure, Lebrija Infuses El Faro with Design Touches Inspired by Space and Light, Transforming it into an Immersive Artistic Experience

COSTALEGRE, MEX (May 14, 2024): Renowned Mexican artist Gonzalo Lebrija has unveiled his latest creation, El Faro, a groundbreaking contemporary lighthouse located in Xala. This visionary project redefines the landscape of thoughtful regenerative tourism and development along Mexico’s West Coast. Serving as the heart of the community, this exquisitely designed structure challenges conventional notions of architectural relics, offering Costalegre visitors an immersive experience that aligns with Xala’s commitment to environmentally and socially conscious travel.Celebrated Mexican Artist Gonzalo Lebrija Reveals Contemporary  Lighthouse On The Coastline Of Xala

Hailing from Mexico City, Lebrija is celebrated as one of the nation’s foremost visionary artists. His exploration of suspended time across various mediums, particularly in plastic arts, captivates audiences worldwide. Lebrija seamlessly merges contemporary aesthetics with rich cultural influences, leaving a profound and enduring impact. His integral role in shaping El Faro’s design ensures an experience that transcends borders, resonating with the universal human spirit.

At the core of this architectural marvel is Lebrija’s pioneering vision to redefine the functional purpose of a lighthouse as a beacon for navigation and inspiration. Nestled into the picturesque Costalegre Coast, El Faro offers visitors an opportunity for introspective contemplation and a fresh perspective on the pristine land and sea. Moreover, it serves as an artistic hub and exhibition space, welcoming artists from around the globe to interpret the literary, historical, and artistic significance of lighthouses in their work.

In a world where automated lighthouses are increasingly common, Lebrija saw an opportunity to breathe new life into a space traditionally occupied by lighthouse keepers. Upon entering the grand entryway, guests are greeted by a monumental, temple-like chamber measuring 9 meters in diameter and 18 meters in height, bathed in an ethereal glow.

Ascending the winding staircase, visitors are encouraged to pause and admire the panoramic views through four meticulously crafted windows. Upon reaching the rooftop, they are rewarded with a breathtaking vista of the Pacific Ocean and the sprawling beauty of Xala’s landscape, encompassing 3,000 acres of land, pristine white sand beaches, turtle sanctuaries, estuaries, and lush mango fields. Balancing technical precision with symbolic significance, El Faro stands as a radiant landmark for Xala and a vital resource for the local fishing community.

Gonzalo Lebrija, Artist, said: “I’ve always found projects straddling architecture and sculpture utterly captivating. Working on Xala’s lighthouse has been nothing short of a dream realized. The essence of lighthouses—space, sea, light, community—resonates deeply with my artistic sensibilities and perfectly aligns with Xala’s vision of offering a serene haven for travelers. Crafting a contemporary design that encapsulates the essence of a traditional lighthouse while pushing the boundaries of its potential has been truly extraordinary.”

Ricardo Santa Cruz, Co-Founder and Partner of Xala, said: Xala’s newest addition, the lighthouse, embodies our commitment to pioneering a fresh approach to travel that champions environmental and social responsibility. We’re privileged to collaborate with local artist Gonzalo, whose deep understanding of our ethos shines through in this iconic structure, blending art seamlessly with our core values.

Renowned artist Gonzalo Lebrija, esteemed for his contributions to the Mexican art scene, brings a wealth of experience garnered from exhibitions across Europe, the US, and Latin America. This architectural venture signifies a significant milestone in his career, drawing from his diverse artistic background in painting, photography, film, and sculpture. The result is a functional masterpiece that doubles as a community sculpture.

Xala, with its upcoming launch of two boutique hotels, featuring the groundbreaking Six Senses Hotel with 51 villas, alongside a hostel and over 125 new homes, is poised to redefine hospitality in 2026.

Celebrated Mexican Artist Gonzalo Lebrija Reveals Contemporary Lighthouse On The Coastline Of Xala


In Gonzalo Lebrija’s immaculate sculptures, photographs, videos, and installations, he adeptly freezes moments in time, capturing the ephemeral and presenting them as if they were delicate specimens pinned in a collector’s box, inviting us to pause and reflect. Infusing his art with a blend of humor, unease, and wistfulness, Lebrija delves into the passage of time, humorously and poignantly preserving those intangible yet finite instances suspended between existence and oblivion.

Central to many of his pieces is the notion of halted action, exemplified in works like his photographic installation “750 Millones de años (750 Million Years)” (2013), where a tennis ball hangs mid-flight between players. Each frame dissects the ball’s trajectory, revealing it as both a blur and a crystalline form against a backdrop of darkness. Throughout his oeuvre, Lebrija undertakes the audacious task of freezing time, even as it slips inexorably through our fingers.

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