Best Ways To Use Your Leftover Fabrics

Best Ways To Use Your Leftover Fabrics

If you’ve taken up sewing as a hobby, you probably have a large amount of fabric left over from an array of projects you’ve completed over time. Instead of letting the extra pieces of fabric go to waste, consider using them to complete a few trendy projects. Below is a list of the best ways to use your leftover fabrics. Now, let’s put that fabric to good use!

Best Ways To Use Your Leftover Fabrics

Makeup Pouch

Who doesn’t love a cute little makeup bag in which to store all their favorite products? Use the extra material from previous projects to make the perfect-size pouch for all your beauty belongings. This way, you can use the leftover fabric and give yourself a perfect place to put all your items.


Scrunchies are so in! They’re super-simple to make and honestly very adorable. They don’t require much fabric at all, so use your leftovers to create them! Make some for yourself, and if you have any fabric scraps in patterns that somebody you know will love, you can make one for them, too.

Halloween Costume Accessories

You might not have enough fabric to make a whole costume, but utilizing leftover fabric pieces for small aspects of a costume might be perfect. Making your Halloween costume at home allows you to put your own spin on it and make it your own. Take advantage of that and utilize your leftover fabric to have the most fabulous Halloween costume yet.

Key Fob or Wallet Lanyard

If you hate carrying around a big, bulky purse, this project is the perfect one for you. Use leftover fabric to make yourself a key fob or wallet lanyard that allows you to keep all your personal items in one compact location that you can bring with you anywhere. You could even make it just a little bit bigger and add a place to hold your phone if you want this project to be the real deal.

Cord Keeper

You might have an abundance of cords for your many devices, and nothing is worse than when those cords become entangled or twisted together. Use your extra fabric to make a cord keeper that will nicely tuck those cords safely together and allow them to stay organized. Picking out the perfect fabric scraps will make this project stylish.

None of these projects above are difficult, and they can help you put your leftover material to use. Get started today, and follow above for the best ways to use your leftover fabric!

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