UA in UK COLLECTION Steals the Spotlight at London Fashion Week

UA in UK COLLECTION Steals the Spotlight at London Fashion Week

The UA in UK collection at London Fashion Week witnessed the vibrant presentation of young Ukrainian brands for the third consecutive time. These emerging designers took the spotlight, showcasing their collections as part of the official schedule of London Fashion Week on February 16. The event, organized by the Ukrainian community UA in UK Community, aimed to spotlight the talent and creativity of these young designers, emphasizing their resilience in shaping the Ukrainian fashion industry amidst global challenges, including the ongoing war. The organizers focused on supporting these young brands, recognizing their crucial role in representing the country on the international stage. Oleksandra Volkova, the founder of UA in UK Community, expressed gratitude for the support of Ukrainian and international organizations in promoting Ukrainian culture and design. The goal is to see an increasing number of globally recognized Ukrainian representatives in the fashion industry each year. This season, the organizers emphasized brand diversity and environmental consciousness, featuring four young Ukrainian brands, including three women’s clothing brands—Innna (casual), Sofi Rich (casual), Upslowuse (upcycling & casual)—and, for the first time, a men’s brand, Andreas Moskin.

Celebrating Talent Amidst Challenges

The event served as a platform to celebrate the ingenuity and creativity of young Ukrainian designers who persistently contribute to the growth of the Ukrainian fashion industry despite the adversities and the profound impact of the ongoing war. With every Ukrainian feeling the collective pain on a global scale, this showcase aimed not only to display fashion prowess but also to remind the international community of the second anniversary of the war in Ukraine.

Empowering the Future of Ukrainian Fashion

The organizers strategically emphasize their support for budding brands, recognizing them as pivotal players in shaping the country’s future and effectively representing it on the global stage. Oleksandra Volkova, the founder of UA in UK Community, expresses gratitude for the backing received from both Ukrainian and international organizations. She envisions an increasing number of globally recognized Ukrainian representatives in the fashion industry each year, emphasizing the crucial role of supporting young talents. “We are proud of the courage, perseverance, and incredible energy of our participants and strive to support talented young brands in Great Britain,” says Volkova.

Seasonal Emphasis on Diversity and Environmental Consciousness

In the latest edition, organizers placed a heightened focus on promoting brand diversity and environmental responsibility. The carefully curated program featured four promising Ukrainian brands. Among them were three women’s clothing brands—Innna (casual), Sofi Rich (casual), Upslowuse (specializing in upcycling and casual wear). Notably, this season marked the debut of a men’s brand—Andreas Moskin.

The UA in UK COLLECTION at London Fashion Week stands not just as a fashion spectacle but as a testament to resilience, creativity, and the unwavering spirit of the Ukrainian fashion community. As the event continues to grow in influence, it underscores the importance of nurturing and uplifting the next generation of fashion talent on the global stage.

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Andreas Moskin

OSKIN, as a brand, is guided by a design philosophy that centers around crafting contemporary menswear with a touch of classic allure, avoiding the pitfalls of monotony. Embracing a pioneering spirit, OSKIN thrives on a contagious energy that fuels the continuous exploration and implementation of fresh ideas. At the core of Andreas Moskin’s ethos are the values of positivity, curiosity, and creativity. The brand aspires to evolve into a globally recognized men’s haberdasher, synonymous with exceptional service, unparalleled craftsmanship, and a soulful essence in men’s clothing.

Sofi Rich

Your appearance communicates volumes even before words are spoken! This forms the core concept of Sofi Rich, aiming to design exclusive, unique, and elegant looks for women who choose beauty, boldness, and freedom, empowering them to be the true queens of their lives.


INNNA stands as a demi-couture brand with its mantra, ‘One Fit For Every Occasion.’ Effortlessly navigate from a professional business meeting to a glamorous cocktail bar. The distinctive handcrafted details showcase its understated yet sophisticated elegance, offering investment pieces that command attention and spark conversations.


Upslowuse is a distinctive conceptual brand embracing conscious fashion, encouraging the embrace of one’s true self. Designed by Mi Ogli, the brand narrates a tale of self-discovery and self-acceptance through the language of texture, color, and cut. The clothing’s creation is approached with a commitment to minimizing environmental impact throughout production and disposal. Utilizing upcycling techniques, recycled and surplus fabrics of natural composition, and materials that are biodegradable or recyclable, Upslowuse makes a conscientious contribution to a sustainable future. In this vision, individuals find joy in being authentic while actively caring for the environment.


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