Your Guide to All Things Engagement Rings

Your Guide to All Things Engagement Rings

If you’ve found the love of your life and are preparing to ask the big question, it’s time to start engagement ring shopping! Finding the perfect engagement ring is an exciting time and will be one of the most significant purchases you make in your life. You may be overwhelmed with options as you browse the endless VRAI engagement rings to find the perfect fit for your partner.

If you’re feeling nervous about the search, don’t worry! We’ve compiled a brief engagement ring guide to help you find the ultimate ring. With your questions answered, you will be one step closer to the most memorable moment of your life!

Understanding the Four Cs: Color, Cut, Carat, and Clarity

If you’ve done any research about engagement rings, you’re likely familiar with the four Cs: Color, cut, carat, and clarity. This mainstream grading system helps measure the characteristics of a diamond and provides an excellent starting guide on what to look for when buying an engagement ring.

Continue reading to discover a summary of the 4Cs.


The color of a diamond can vary from entirely colorless to visible shades of yellow. The less color a diamond has, the more rare and expensive it is. Color is graded on a scale from D (colorless and costly) to Z (visible yellow/brown).

In addition to traditional diamonds, many people opt for colored stones such as pink or green. For these alternatives, the more intense the color is, the rarer the stone.


While many believe a diamond’s cut indicates its shape, it’s instead the term used to describe its brilliance! How much a diamond shines depends on its flat surfaces, dimensions, and symmetry. The cut measure often relies on the ring’s craftsmanship and is graded from poor to excellent.


The carat of a diamond is the measure of a diamond’s weight. One carat is about .2 grams, a weight similar to a dime’s. Although many believe that a larger one has a higher carat weight, this isn’t always the case. A diamond’s cut can also make it look smaller or larger, so it’s often essential to consider the two qualities together when shopping for an engagement ring.


The clarity of a diamond indicates the flaws present in the stone. As a diamond grows, it is natural to develop subtle imperfections, also known as inclusions.

Clarity is graded by the number, position, and intensity of the flaws present on a diamond. Minimal imperfections that are less visible indicate a higher clarity grade, while a diamond with more spots will measure lower on the grading scale.

Choosing the Perfect Shape

An essential step in engagement ring shopping is deciding on the shape. A diamond’s shape gives it personality. You can choose a classic shape like round, oval, or square, or get something more modern like pear or marquise. Always keep the wearer in mind when shopping for the perfect ring, as the ring should complement their unique style!

Setting a Budget

When shopping for engagement rings, be sure to set a realistic budget. Don’t feel pressured by the norm to spend an exuberant amount on the ring. The style you decide on, and the cost of it, will depend on your lifestyle and preferences. You can get a beautiful ring within your budget if you take the time to research and set priorities.

Determine if you want to spend more on the diamond quality, setting, or customizations. The more you plan, the more likely you will be able to stay within budget and be happy with the ring you purchase!

Finding the Best Place to Buy

With countless places to buy an engagement ring, don’t hold back when doing your research. Do you want to buy online or go to a local store? Regardless of your choice, be sure to sit down or have a video call with a reputable sales associate to discover your options.

By asking questions and talking with an expert, you will better understand what’s possible with your budget, get style recommendations, and understand the diamonds available. When in doubt, always ask for help!

Ready to Find the Ultimate Engagement Ring?

Now that you know more about engagement rings, you can start shopping! Consider the 4Cs, shape, budget, and store as you browse for the perfect ring.

Above all, as you make your decisions, always consider your significant other’s style and preferences. If you think of the love of your life as you shop, you will undoubtedly find something they will cherish forever!


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