Winecab – Robotic Management System

Winecab – Robotic Management System

Winecab 15' Wine Wall

Do you know someone who absolutely loves wine? Perhaps they even have their own wine cellar and an extensive collection of high-quality reds, whites and everything in-between. Keeping track of an ever-growing wine collection and ensuring that all the different vintages remain at the proper temperature and humidity can be a challenge.

Enter WineCab, a next-generation wine storage and management system that can make keeping up with your collection a breeze. This product goes far beyond a simple wine cabinet or storage rack system. It features precise refrigeration and humidity control technologies that will keep your most treasured bottles tasting great.

Next-generation Robotic Technology and Advanced Inventory Management

Behind the scenes, advanced technology will help you store and track up to 600 unique bottles. A comprehensive database and label scanner can process up to 24 bottles of wine in as little as seven minutes. In less than four hours you could have a full inventory and count of your collection.

Automated Bottle Dispenser and Virtual Sommelier

When it’s time to enjoy that perfect bottle of red with your steak dinner, WineCab’s automated six- or eight-axis robotic arms will select your desired wine and take it out of the rack for you in 15 seconds or less. The system will also remove that bottle from your inventory so that you always have an accurate count of your collection.

Are you having a dinner party and just can’t decide which wines you want to share with your guests? WineCab has an integrated virtual sommelier with unique learning algorithms and artificial intelligence that can suggest the perfect pairings for each course of your meal.

Designer Finishes and Professional Lighting

The cabinet also comes with lighting and presentation elements worthy of a Broadway play or a gala movie premiere. After all, what could be better than putting your prized collection on display for your friends and family to admire? The cabinet comes with a series of unique matte or glossy wood finishes and multiple metal trim options that will fit any décor or taste.

If you just cannot find the perfect design, Winecab will work with you on a custom solution to suit your needs. Anything from custom wood species to unique color combinations, logo engraving and other personalization touches are available.

Sizes and Styles

WineCab also has three different styles and sizes of cabinets available to provide the perfect fit in your home or restaurant.


Curio Classic (274 Bottle Max Capacity)

The Curio Classic model measures 114 inches high by 42.5 inches deep and 67 inches long. This product weighs 2,200 pounds empty and up to 3,000 pounds when fully stocked. It can accommodate up to 250 bottles on the rack and another 24 bottles in a lower drawer. This unit comes with a six-axis robotic arm to dispense your favorite bottles.


Wine Wall 11′ (435 Bottle Max Capacity)

WineCab’s Wine Wall 11′ model can hold 400 wine bottles on the rack and an additional 35 bottles in the included drawer. This product comes with an eight-axis robotic servo-gantry to move and dispense your selections. Its 2000 to 2500 BTU refrigeration system can maintain temperatures between 50- and 65-degrees Fahrenheit to keep your wine perfectly chilled.

It measures 114 inches high by 37.5 inches deep and 132 inches long. The Wine Wall 11′ weighs 3,500 pounds by itself and up to 5,500 pounds when fully loaded with your choice wines. Advanced vibration control and sound management technologies mean that this cabinet only generates 56 decibels of sound, which is quieter than a conversation at a restaurant.

Wine Wall 15′ (636 Bottle Max Capacity)

WineCab’s Wine Wall 15′ model can hold 600 wine bottles on its rack. Two lower drawers can handle 36 more bottles. This model also comes with an eight-axis robotic servo-gantry and the same 2,500 BTU refrigeration system as the Wine Wall 11′.

The cabinet’s footprint measures 114 inches high by 37.5 inches deep and 186 inches long. The Wine Wall 15′ weighs in at 5,550 pounds empty and up to 7,000 pounds when full.

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