When Is The Right Time For Cheeky Underwear?

Your closet is presumably full of thongs, briefs, bikinis, hipsters, boy shorts, G-strings, and cheeky underwear. It’s certainly good to have such a wholesome collection. The average lady stocks about 20-25 every day undies, plus another 10-15 for special occasions. And, it’s great to know when to wear each of these underwear types. You wouldn’t want to be caught in thongs during your crimson tide. But, no hard rules here. Scores of ladies still find them comfortable.

When Is The Right Time For Cheeky Underwear?

Shift your focus now to cheeky underwear. Here are five appropriate instances to rock in them:

1. When You Feel Like Showing Off Your Derriere

Hundreds of squats on a daily basis. Weighted lunges. Single-leg bridges. Donkey kicks. Kettlebell swings. Scissor kicks. More proteins. Few carbs. Healthy fats.

It must have been a hectic journey to achieve those well-rounded buns. They’re now firm, but with a little playful bounce. And, they’re no longer as flat as they, perhaps, used to be. This is the right time to flaunt your assets. A thong will show more than what’s necessary. Boy shorts will cover up too much. What you need is a perfectly cut EBY Underwear that shows just the right amount of your cheeks.

2. When You Want To Get Rid Of Visible Panty Lines

It’s true that some girls show their panty lines on purpose. They take it as a special kind of sexy. But that’s the last thing majority of ladies out there would want to show. To them, visible panty lines are fashion faux pas that should be avoided at all costs. Most probably, you’re in this group.

When Is The Right Time For Cheeky Underwear?

So, what do you do with your figure-hugging cocktail dress?  Or, that pair of designer skinny jeans or yoga pants, or that fitted office skirt?

Have you just shouted, “Go commando?”  Well, that’s a topic for another day. Also, rid your mind of thongs. Throngs of ladies out there claim they’re uncomfortable due to the pinch on the sides and the wedgie experience

A seamless cheeky underwear will do the magic. You can, then, make your dress, skirt, or pants as tight as you want, without the VPL worry.

3. On Your First Romantic Date Night

Some of the most important agenda for your date night should be:

  • To express love
  • To tease your man

While your mouths will do most of the talking, body language is also very critical. That being said, you can’t really overlook the need to look sexy.

A racy cheeky underwear will bring you out as that smart, bold, flirtatious lady. You’ll reveal only the bottom of your cheeks and your crotch will be well hidden from view. As a result, your potential man will keep glancing for more and stay in great anticipation for what lies there beneath. You’ll spark off some wild imaginations, but it’s not yet time. Dating can’t get more playful than that.

4. When Wearing Coarse Jeans

Your love for jeans can’t waver despite the possibility of their coarse fabric harming your nether skin. And, that’s especially true with the skinny types. As you walk, the jeans rub against your groin. You risk wear and tear if you’re not protected.

Cheeky undies are a great option in this case. They’re usually cut to properly cover your crotch, serving as a protection against the coarse fabric. Furthermore, they’re not so bulky that you’ll feel uncomfortable wearing them under jeans. And, as mentioned above, they can sufficiently hide your panty line.

5. When Posing For Social Media Posts

You must already be confident enough to want to pose in just your underwear for social media posts. Thousands, even millions, of celebrities and college girls have already done that. But, what you may want to do is play according to the rules of the game.

You may have already seen some celeb pics getting banned from some photo-sharing sites because they’re baring too much skin. You don’t want to expose your intimates and provoke the big tech. You may get warnings a number of times, but if you prove ungovernable, you may be permanently banned. So far, there’s no record of anyone being banned because they wore cheeky underwear; except for the see-through ones.

Bank on such facts and enjoy your intimate shots in cheeky underwear.

Cheeky Underwear For Sex Appeal

What makes cheeky underwear stand out from the crowd is their ability to display some bit of your beautiful bums, without sacrificing your comfort at the crotch and the sides. So, wear them for that non-exaggerated sex appeal. They make a statement that you’re still flirtatious, but not to the over-the-top degree.




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