What To Pack For An Autumn Trip To NYC

What To Pack For An Autumn Trip To NYC

A trip to New York is a treat at any time of year. However, autumn may well be the best time to visit the iconic city. Since it is located in the Northeast USA, it can be very hot and humid in the summer, and very snowy and frigid in the winter. The spring and fall offer moderate temperatures and a more comfortable climate to enjoy the city.

The trick is knowing how to pack for a trip to NYC in the fall since it isn’t warm enough for summer attire and not cold enough to bundle up for winter weather. There is an in-between that you need to achieve so you can pack accordingly and not feel like you can’t enjoy the city because you didn’t pack well.

In this article, we will go over several tips to help you pack for a trip to NYC in the fall.

Use layers 

Packing for variable weather can be very tricky. Usually, the temperatures can fluctuate quite a bit in the autumn in New York. In some parts of the day, you might experience summer weather and later on, it can get a bit chilly. The key is to be able to remove and add layers accordingly so you are able to adjust as needed.

You should pack under layers that are made with material such as merino wool that is thin enough to fit into a suitcase but will still offer some warmth. Then, you can pack a looker sweater to wear over your base layer. Looker sweaters are not bulky at all so you can pack a couple easily into a suitcase.

When you pack layers you can also usually avoid having to pack a bulky jacket to stay warm. A light jacket that has a thin insulating layer combined with a light sweater and base layer is usually enough to keep you warm when the temperature dips.

Comfortable shoes 

It would be ideal to pack a pair of good walking sneakers so your feet won’t get too uncomfortable when you are exploring the city. A good pair of sneakers will keep you from feeling fatigued. However, sneakers may be too light to be able to keep your feet warm.

good pair of sneakers - What To Pack For An Autumn Trip To NYC

Try to find some walking shoes that are well-insulated and rated for cool weather so you can stay warm and also have the right amount of cushion to protect your feet and joints during a long day of walking around. If you do end up with light walking shoes, make sure to wear some insulating socks with them.

Be ready for rain 

It is very likely to rain if you visit the city in the fall. You’ll need to make sure you can stay dry so you aren’t slowed down and end up missing much of the city. Pack a thin poncho that you can fold up into a neat square and put into a pocketbook. You should also look into a micro umbrella that can also fit into most small purses so you aren’t weighed down but have some protection from the rain.


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