What To Look for in an Eyelash Extension Artist

What To Look for in an Eyelash Extension Artist

A brand-new set of eyelash extensions is the perfect way to add some volume to your overall look. Custom-fit to your eyes and curled to provide just the right amount of flair, these beauty treatments are becoming increasingly popular every day. However, if you’re going to commit to getting these products applied to your own eyes, you first want to ensure you’re going to the right place. This is what to look for in an eyelash extension artist so that you can determine whether they’re a good fit for you.

Eyelash Extension Artist

Proper Education and Certification

The number one endorsement that a lash artist must have to legally be allowed to practice is their proof of certification. This license shows that the individual underwent specific training in applying eyelash extensions and is recognized by state agencies as being qualified for the job. Never go to an artist who can’t show you their certification as this could mean that they weren’t formally trained in the craft.

Cleanliness and Organization

As you’re looking around and asking questions, you’ll also want to inquire about the artist’s work station. Because this treatment occurs so close to a very sensitive part of the body, you want to ensure that the professional’s work station is always kept clean, sanitary, and organized. Otherwise, you’re at an increased risk of developing an eye infection as a result of the procedure.

Access To Quality Materials and Lashes

It’s important as well that you take a look at the type of products your artist typically uses before deciding to try their services. Not all eyelash extensions are of the same quality. In fact, even the professionals have their own checklist of ideal eyelash extension qualities to assist them during the purchasing process. So if you want to ensure you’re getting what you pay for, ask about the products and how they compare to others.

Dedication To Safety and Client Satisfaction

But ultimately, the trait you want to look for in eyelash extension artist is the desire to please their clients and keep them safe. While getting eyelash extensions isn’t necessarily a dangerous process, there are a lot of factors that could later affect your health or reduce the quality of your results. For this reason, you want to choose a professional who has great reviews from past clients and who takes all your needs into account.

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