What Is The Boho Style? Everything You Need To Know

What Is The Boho Style? Everything You Need To Know

If you’re looking for a fashion style that’s fun, creative, and casual, the boho look may be a great option to try. It’s an eclectic old and new fashion mix, providing an artsy, refined, and laid-back appeal. 

If you’re interested, this post shares the basics about this perennially popular fashion aesthetics. Keep on reading to learn more. 

Boho Style: What Exactly Is It

Short for bohemian, boho style is all about a laid-back and individualistic way to style your look. Bohemians refer to free-spirited people involved in creative and artistic pursuits, living informally without following the societal norms of behavior. 

In that sense, a boho fashion style relates to clothing and style choices that are as eccentric and non-conformist as bohemian people are. It usually goes with a certain mindset of optimism and a love for positive affirmations.

It was popularized by the ‘hippies’ or flower children during the 60s and 70s. Later, this style was adopted by numerous celebrities, including Kate Moss, Lisa Bonet, and Sienna Miller.

Also associated with music festivals such as Coachella and Woodstock, the bohemian style statement was flaunted by popular singer icons the like Emily Ratajkowski and Vanessa Hudgens.

Characteristics Of Bohemian Styles

Now that you know what boho fashion means, this section gives you a lowdown on all the elements and characteristics that make up boho style. They’re:

  • Layering

Whether a combination of bright geometrical patterns or a cozy mix of neutral materials, boho fashion boasts layering. It’s all about achieving a relaxed, unrestrained look.

Inspired by gypsy fashion, a boho look doesn’t need matching clothes or a coordinated theme. It’s more about layering and mixing different eclectic elements to create harmonious outfits. 

Think fringed tunics over a bralette with an extra short jacket for additional layering, paired with flared denim jeans. Add numerous trinkets for a more layered look. 

  • Organic And Natural Materials

Boho fashion style revolves around the elements of the natural world–visually and literally. 

A boho look celebrates the outdoors and embraces the beauty of imperfection. As such, natural fibers like wool and ethically sourced plant fibers, including hemp, cotton, linen, and bamboo, should be your prime choice. 

Aside from choosing natural materials, the boho style also uses nature-inspired prints, including leafy or floral patterns. 

  • Comfy And Flowy

Boho style embraces comfort and relaxation. In that sense, miniskirts, fitted dresses, and structured silhouettes don’t go well with boho. Instead, it would be best if you looked for casual, flowy, and baggy fashion pieces. Think elegant maxi dresses and skirts, oversized shirts, flared jeans, cargo pants, peasant dresses, and unstructured tunics that offer the utmost comfort and freedom of movement. 

  • Vintage And Thrifted Fashion

While you can purchase new chic pieces for your boho wardrobe, true boho fashion isn’t usually found in most department stores and fashion retail boutiques. Fashion pieces are collected over time and are typically second-hand, vintage, or bought from local thrift stores.

Flea markets are the best places to go if you’re shopping for a bohemian wardrobe. Proponents of the boho style not only love natural materials and prints but also strongly believe in sustainability through recycling and reuse. Flea markets shopping can help you find unique vintage pieces perfect for layering while contributing to a better environment. 

  • Dominating Bold Colors And Patterns

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a bohemian outfit that doesn’t incorporate bold patterns and colors. Generally, the palette leans heavily on earthy tones such as greens and browns but also metallic and jewel tones. The design is critical as many boho clothing boasts exotic and unique geometric or unconventional patterns as well.  

That said, boho style isn’t just about incorporating these elements. As mentioned before, it’s about not being afraid to layer and mix them. With boho fashion, patterns and colors that don’t necessarily go together are combined and worn in unconventional, creative ways. 

  • Lots Of Trinkets

One of the most significant characteristics of boho fashion is the signature collection of trinkets and embellishments used on clothing and accessories. 

Lucky charms, fringes, tassels, embroidery, feathers, crystals, and more are used on bags, tops, jackets, jeans, and shawls. You can also use beads, lace, sequins, and appliques to adorn your clothes and accessories. 

Speaking of accessories, a boho look also means layering several pieces of trinkets. Think of long gypsy earrings, statement finger rings, vibrant bangles, beaded headbands, and dreamcatcher-inspired crochet necklaces.  

What Is The Boho Style? Everything You Need To Know


Creative and free-spirited, the boho style breathes pattern, color, and good vibes into your fashion sense and overall appearance. It lets you style your look however you’d like–modern, minimalist, maximalist, or chic. This fashion style allows you to mix, layer, match, and explore to create a comfortable and meaningful look.


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