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“There’s a buzz, a creative energy in New York City that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. It’s an extraordinarily stimulating place for fashion – I think that’s why so many people choose to be here.”—-Diane von Furstenberg

The grand dame of beautiful clothing is the epitome of New York Style. Ms. von Furstenberg’s iconic wrap dress was a fashion game-changer, acknowledging the modern woman as both beautiful and career-minded.

New York Style can mean lots of different things to lots of different people. Just ask luxury American sportswear designer Michael Kors.

“It’s an easiness combined with chic and glamour.”

Designer Tom Ford is never at a loss for words when it comes to style in the city of New York. He looks at his feet first.

“Shoes are always the most important thing for me because they are who you are. They change the way you walk, the way you move.”

New York City has been fondly called the “Fashion Capital of the World,” and with good reason. It is here in this vibrant metropolis of almost 8.5 million people that genius ideas and trends take root. According to the numbers by the New York Economic Development Corp., New York City boasts “more than 5,000 fashion industry showrooms, more than any other city in the world.” In addition, New York Fashion Week makes huge headlines globally where fashion continues to carve its niche into the cutting edge of style.

Everything happens here first.

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New York Style: We Create. Others follow.

Those who visit New York City see the worldly influence on just about every street corner they walk by. Everyone wears fabulous clothes, looks confident and uniquely attractive. The food is beyond compare and yes, the pizza served up here is the best of New York Style.

New York Style is in the air; the constant hum of the city; the connection, pride and spirit of the people; in the Empire State building and the magnificent skyline. It defines a true, universal melting pot of different cultures and languages. It’s a city that lets you be you.

New York Style is constantly evolving, because the city is in perpetual motion. Music, business, fashion, art. It all changes, again and again. People make things happen here in New York City.

Whether you know her as: The Big Apple, The City that Never Sleeps, The Melting Pot, The City of Skyscrapers, The Financial Hub, or maybe Gotham City, she is grand, she is bigger than life, and we are so happy to be a part of her… New York Style




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