What are Some of the Long Term Effects of Botox?

What will be the side effects of botox years later?

If you ask a person about their opinion of the most effective product for skin rejuvenation, most of them will name botulinum toxin injections, we are sure of it.

Indeed, this product proved itself as a safe, effective variant perfect for not only dynamic wrinkles prevention but also for treating different kinds of muscle spasm-related conditions.

And even though Botox is fantastic and isn’t usually followed by severe side effects, somehow, people rarely think about long-term adverse reactions that may cause plenty of discomfort to an individual.

That’s why we believe it would be pretty helpful to discuss this topic in more detail to make sure people are aware of all the risks they should consider before choosing this treatment to eliminate aging signs. Who knows, maybe there is something that will change their mind. Let’s start!

Botox overview: What should you know about Botox injections?

Botulinum toxin treatment – is an incredibly popular procedure nowadays used for numerous therapeutic and cosmetic cases. Usually associated with Botox, botulinum type A solution can guarantee from four to six months of effectiveness, which can easily be prolonged with the help of additional injection sessions.

For the overall success of the treatment, it is crucial to use products of the highest quality; we also recommend checking the expiration date carefully and looking closely at the product to make sure it’s not cloudy or thick.

And, of course, it is extremely important for every healthcare provider to have a reliable supplier they can trust; also, many people prefer to order Botox online, because it is fast and at a low price.

Composition and working principle

Botox – is an injectable famous for both therapeutic and cosmetic use. It contains botulinum toxin type A, which can be dangerous in more significant doses; however, its concentration in the solution is so small that it’s practically impossible to cause severe complications.

After the product is administered to facial muscles, it needs some time to start acting; usually, it takes from seven to fourteen days (it depends on certain individual factors, like age, skin type, and others).

During this time, the solution has to get to muscles’ nerve endings and pause their contraction, which is mainly the primary reason for wrinkles occurrence. After the injection session, people may experience mild discomfort, but it’s not dangerous and should be gone within a few days.

Possible uses

Botox treatments work well for numerous purposes, and it’s important to remember to choose the most effective option for skin rejuvenation purposes (for example, when you need to choose between a botulinum toxin injection and dermal filler).

This product can be used for both cosmetic and medical purposes, so let’s look closely at some general indications it can be helpful.

Aesthetic medicine sphere:

  • Frown lines on the forehead;
  • Crow’s feet;
  • Bunny lines (at the top of the nose);
  • Glabellar lines (between the eyebrows);
  • The first hints of smile lines;
  • And other types of dynamic wrinkles.

Speaking about the medical sphere, botulinum toxin administration may help with the following:

  • Neck spasms (cervical dystonia);
  • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating);
  • Lazy eye syndrome;
  • Chronic migraines;
  • Overactive bladder syndrome;
  • Upper and lower limb spasticity;
  • Etc.

Different dosages and numbers of treatment sessions may be required to reach the desired result, they should always be discussed with a medical professional. Only they can make the final decision and create a perfect treatment plan for an individual; all of that, of course, after careful examination.

Is Botox safe for me?

Before using multiple injections of botulinum toxin for one’s needs, it is crucial to discuss all the risks and limitations to ensure it won’t harm a patient. The main topics that should be mentioned are limitations, and adverse events reported to specialists.

Regarding contraindications, these are the most common ones:

  • Known allergies related to any Botox’s components;
  • Damaged or wounded skin surface;
  • Autoimmune diseases;
  • Fever, weakness, and other flu-like symptoms;
  • Breastfeeding or pregnancy period;
  • And so on.

When it comes to adverse effects, people usually experience these right after the injection session:

  • High skin sensitivity in the injection spot;
  • Irritation, redness, swelling;
  • Bruising in the needle puncture zone;
  • Etc.

Speaking about more severe side effects, a doctor should be informed if signs of allergic reactions, trouble breathing, swollen throat or tongue, excruciating pain, and other warning symptoms occur after the treatment session.

Sometimes, the body reacts negatively to the unknown solution, and it is better to take the situation under control as quickly as possible.

Long-term complications of botulinum toxin

One more thing not too many people think about before starting to use botulinum toxins is that repeated injections of Botox may be the reason for various issues (especially if the treatment plan is created incorrectly).

Moreover, if the muscles are kept in a relaxed condition for a long time, they can “forget” how to work correctly, and it may lead to certain unpleasant problems. Below, we are going to discuss them in more detail:

  • Gradual muscle weakening (which may lead to paralysis). Botox’s main goal is to paralyze muscle contractions to prevent wrinkles occurrence. However, as a result, people may experience loss of muscle control if they choose long-term Botox as their only option;
  • Botulinum toxin spreads in the body tissue. This one is rare if the product is used for cosmetic purposes. However, if bigger doses are needed (when used for medical treatments), it may spread to the surrounding areas, which sometimes can even be fatal.

These are the most common ones people should be aware of to understand all the risks and possible consequences. However, it doesn’t mean botulinum toxins should be forgotten and refused in general.

Every aesthetic treatment comes with different adverse reactions and risks; the most important thing is to find a qualified professional who can fulfill all the cosmetic goals with minimal adverse reactions afterward.


Botox is an incredible product that can be helpful for people with different cosmetic and medical needs. It temporarily paralyzes muscle endings and stops their contractions in this way. If the procedure is performed correctly, people may expect up to half a year of successful skin improvement.

However, it is important to know all the risks before trying Botox for the first time; only in this way will it be possible to create a safe and effective treatment plan that will demonstrate improvement in no time!


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