Welcome to THE GLOBAL PREMIERE©: the new frontier of the digital in fashion

The idea of ​​THE GLOBAL PREMIERE © was born from the movies reality, from the blockbuster productions and from the premières that accompany the launch of movies in their various world tours. On focus is the show, with music, fashion, emotional shooting and brand new digital technologies. Live, journalists, opinion leaders, influencers, celebrities will meet physically without losing the magic of the event and interact with each other creating a real boost typical of all face-to-face appointments. In this way the fashion shows will have a long life also in the new era of fashion “,

Sergio Salerni


THE GLOBAL PREMIERE © is born: the physical-digital format that multiplies fashion shows with a series of events in the capitals of fashion, erasing the distances between brands and international opinion leaders. A great project to fill the distance between fashion brands and international guests, keeping the emotion going the way only shared experience can offer. A new way of doing fashion shows in its new era that enhances the message of the event in an emotional key, involving all senses.

THE GLOBAL PREMIERE ©: the innovative initiative of Urban Production, the multitasking luxury events production, conceived by the artistic director Sergio Salerni, brilliant demiurge of fashion shows, defined by the New York Times The wizard behind Versace.


Creative visionary and dreamlike director, Sergio Salerni, who has an important background in the making of commercials in various sectors, during his career he has directed fashion shows for Versace, Valentino and Dior with Gianfranco Ferré, and his reportage videos have traveled worldwide. He signed plans for many top brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo, Diesel, and many emerging designers.

THE GLOBAL PREMIERE © is a new fashion show format aiming to break the barriers between countries caused by the health emergency, starting from the assumption that possible difficulties in intercontinental travel may keep on occurring affecting traveling buyers, press and international guests in their attempts to reach Milan and others capitals of fashion worldwide.

Thus, the concept created by Sergio Salerni multiplies the shows in a series of emotional events carried out simultaneously, when possible based on time zones, in different cities of the world, able
to replicate perfectly the style’s message desired for each show. A series of productions, supported by Urban Production’s local partners, one for each city chosen by the maison for the presentation, coordinated and consistent with the main event, where models will hit the catwalks. A format perfectly in line with the current need of all brands to be visible and reachable by a global audience, even in the presence of limitations due to the Pandemic.

The rupture element, which differentiates the canonical shows streamed with THE GLOBAL PREMIERE © is the physical presence in each location of local guests, working at pace with the main event, allowing to fully experience the emotion of the fashion show.

The paper invitation, the locations set up with sitting, the music, the lights and special effects, the step and repeat of celebrities and front rows will be the emotional frame that every guest will be able to experience with all the pathos that a fashion runway can generate.

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, high definition video in 4K and 8K and large-format projections, the main event will be filmed and broadcasted in a global live streaming, eliminating the distances between Milan, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo or New York. In fact, each show will be experienced as one exceptional “PREMIERE”.

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