Wedding Traditions You Can Skip

Wedding Traditions You Can Skip

A wedding should reflect who you are. After all, you and your partner are proclaiming to the world that you intend to be together forever. If that isn’t an opportunity to reflect yourselves, then what is? Traditions are sweet and some should be kept if they are important to the couple. However, some traditions could use a makeover. Here are some wedding traditions you can skip that will impress your guests.

Wedding Traditions You Can Skip

You Don’t Have To Eat Cake

As shocking as it may sound, your guests will be thrilled to enjoy dessert in a form other than cake. Cake is great, but so are many other desserts. You won’t miss having everyone stare at you while you cut a wedding cake—something that has been seen thousands of times at weddings. Imagine the oohs and ahhs as your guests wait patiently to hit a dessert table filled with a variety of decadent desserts. You can even have different flavored cupcakes that can be easily picked up by your guests while mingling. Do some brainstorming and make dessert at your wedding a delicious event.

Say Goodbye To the White Wedding

You are unique and your partner loves that about you. If you hate dresses, then opt for a pant suit. There are no rules. White wedding gowns date back to the 1800’s. It is safe to say that after over 200 years, this is one of the wedding traditions you can skip.

Let your dress or outfit show everyone who you truly are. Choose a favorite color or pattern and make it fun. You want to feel great on this special day. Go with your gut and dress in what truly belongs in your wedding story.

Let the Good Times Roll with Cocktails

Cocktails are expected at most weddings and do enhance your guests’ enjoyment. Traditionally, cocktail hour begins after the ceremony, but it doesn’t have to. As your guests arrive, why not greet them with a cocktail to enjoy while waiting? Butler-passed champagne or other fun bubblies create a relaxed atmosphere, causing your guests to be very glad they were invited.

You won’t feel rushed knowing everyone is enjoying themselves as they wait and mingle. As you and your partner plan the perfect wedding, keep reminding each other that it is your day. Make it yours.

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