Our Interview with Wedding Planner Extraordinaire – David Tutera

Our Interview with Wedding Planner Extraordinaire – David Tutera

New York Style Guide was given the opportunity to interview David Tutera before his event in Fort Lauderdale called “Your Wedding Experience Presented by David Tutera”.  We jumped at the chance for this exclusive and thoroughly enjoyed his event that took place on Sunday, May 22nd.



  1. A person’s wedding, anniversary, milestone is usually a very important event in their lives, sometimes the most important.  You take on the task of making that fantasy or dream become a reality.  At what point in your life did you realize you wanted to do this and it was your calling?

From a very young age I had worked with my grandfather in his floral shop and it was with him that I learned my craft and developed my love and passion for designing. With the amazing support early on from both him and my entire family, I started a small business at the age of 19 and took pride in decorating my tiny storefront window to appeal to all the passersby. One day, a woman took notice of my window design, stopped in and asked if I would decorate her son’s bat-mitzvah and that was the beginning of “my calling”. One event led to the next, every one being bigger and more over-the-top than the last and before I knew it, I was being called to do affairs for the Royal Family, the White House and A-list celebs.

  1. In your wonderful career you’ve done many weddings and parties.  Do you have a favorite and what did it entail?

I can’t say I have one favorite–every event that I’ve planned has been a memorable one, each with unique elements that stand out from the rest.  I was honored to have recently worked with the fabulous Vanessa Williams on her bridal shower, which was filmed for my show “David Tutera’s CELEBrations” on We TV. I’ve always been a big Vanessa fan, so I was honored to have been the one that she called on to plan this special day (and I admit I was a little star struck!), but it all made for a very exciting and memorable experience that I will not forget.

I had another famous client whose wedding was also one of the most memorable, fun and over-the-top events I’ve ever done.  The wedding was held on their property and they had a stunning open-air pavilion custom built and resurrected just weeks leading up to the big day. The structure held the reception and was complete with hanging stained glass pieces, crystal chandeliers and drapery throughout overlooking a crystal blue lake on the property—it was truly breathtaking.

  1. If given the choice for an ideal wedding theme, what and where would it be?

This question is impossible to answer as the weddings I design are all about the couple.  But if I let my imagination soar, I would love to do an opulent wedding in an old castle in Europe and really embrace the time period and history of the space.  One wedding weekend event would be old-world, with heavy linens and textures and jewel tones.  Another event might be romantic and fairytale like.

  1. We’ve seen your life unfold over the years by watching you on TV and although I am certain that nothing compares to real life, I feel like I know you a little.  Watching you with your daughter Cielo was so emotional for me, the joy a child brings into your life is such that nothing can top it.  How has Cielo coming into your life changed you? What has it meant for you to be Cielo’s Dad?

It’s certainly been one of the most fulfilling feelings in the world. Being a father is unlike anything else and I have truly enjoyed every second of it! Seeing Cielo grow, learn and even teach me things is the most rewarding feeling in the world and I feel so blessed.

  1. What is David Tutera’s legacy?  What do you want everyone to remember you by?

Inspiring them to Dream Bigger. . .

Thank you David for taking the time to speak with us and we looking forward to covering your future events…

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