Ways to Stay Entertained During Quarantine

Quarantining at home is a new concept to most of us, as we never thought a global pandemic could happen in our lifetime. The reality of our situation is unprecedented in modern times and we are facing challenges we never saw coming. Millions of people are now working from home and millions of kids are learning from home. We are all being asked to stay home as much as possible to limit the spread of the virus. Home quarantine is a relatively simple task, but it is not without difficulties. One of the chief challenges facing people isolating at home is boredom. Boredom can be toxic on top of being unpleasant. Take steps to combat boredom and use these suggestions as a starting place to replace your boredom from home isolation with helpful action. 

Replace the Routine

We are used to our routines and those routines have been completely disrupted. Many people are unsure how to fill the empty space where our routines used to be, which can lead to boredom. Instead of floundering without your usually routine, create a new one to return structure to your daily life. If you are working from home, set a schedule for when you get up for work, take breaks throughout the day, and end work for the day. You can include meal prep and a time you want to be in bed for more detail, but even a basic structure can help your days pass easier. If you are learning from home, you likely have some schedule set for you. Work with the times of your classes and assignments to create a predictable daily pattern. 

Your routine involves more than just work and school though. You must ensure relaxing and leisure time is part of your life. If you have a hobby that has always been pushed to the back burner, now is the perfect chance to start it up again. You could take up a new hobby, try out things you have always been interested in, but never tried. You should also make dates to talk with friends and family. Grab a wireless headset and have a group movie watch party or a date night at home by ordering delivery from your favorite restaurant. Combat boredom by filling your routine with more than just work or school and fill your time with activities you enjoy as well. 

Free Entertainment

While you are spending more time at home, you need something to keep you entertained. Thankfully, there is a plethora of free entertainment available normally and as a response to the pandemic. Major streaming services usually offer a one-month free trial, so you can binge watch your desired titles before canceling for free. Some streaming services have a free option where you can watch selected content with limited ads. With a new streaming service seemingly popping up every day, there is no shortage of content to find online. Free streaming content is also not limited to only entertainment; you can find free online classes for new skills if you want to learn something rather than watch a movie. 

There is also a wide selection of free games you can try. Free to play games have become massively popular in recent years because of their low entry point. Most free games will run on any computer, so you don’t need to build a gaming computer just to play. You can bring your friends along for the game too, all you need is a gaming headset to chat with friends while you play. 

You Can Still Socialize

Many people are feeling cut off from their friends and family during quarantine, but you can still talk with the important people in your life from home. With video calls, phone calls, even VR rooms for the technologically ambitious can help you stay connected. Talking with friends and family, even at a distance, is a great way to stay grounded and connected during these stressful times. 

Quarantine is not what anyone expected, but it is the reality we must face to keep the people around us safe. Boredom is a natural response to quarantine, but you can take steps to fix that. Create a schedule or routine with more than just work or school. Keep yourself busy and entertained with things you enjoy once the daily responsibilities are done. Find free entertainment online ranging from content to watch, classes to learn from, and games to play. Stay connected to your social circle with different types of calls so you can all safely socialize.




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