Ways To Make Your Backyard More Stylish

Ways To Make Your Backyard More Stylish

There’s nothing wrong with a backyard that boasts a swing set, a doghouse, and a vegetable garden. If it gets you outside, it’s doing its job. However, there are ways to make your backyard more stylish if you love creating spaces with strong aesthetics. Your quality of life improves when you can regularly connect with nature, so make your yard an irresistible destination.

Ways To Make Your Backyard More Stylish

All the Comforts of Home

Of course, you could simply walk inside for the amenities you love. But why should you have to walk all the way to the house for hors d’oeuvres, when you could whip them up in an outdoor kitchen? More homeowners are bringing the inside outside with equipment they can use all year, like refrigerators, smokers, pizza ovens, televisions and elaborate bar setups. It’s about luxury as much as comfort, and anything is fair game if it can be waterproofed.

A Dedicated Function

Your outdoor space can be anything you want it to be, which is why we’re seeing more homes displaying greens. With a rock garden and a koi pond, you can create a Zen retreat. You can outfit a deck or gazebo as a personal yoga studio, or make a tucked-away corner even more private for afternoon reading. If you want a luxe resort, upgrade your chaises and add umbrellas. Add a modern fountain with trickling water for a calm meditation area, or invite the family to lounge in an outdoor living room. There are no limits to this bonus space.

A Color Theme

It may seem strange to “decorate” nature, but color is as effective outside as it is for inside. Break up all that green with brighter perennials that coordinate with your furniture’s upholstery. If you have a hard time growing anything, rely on vivid potted plants you can replace when necessary. You can make the space more cohesive with boldly accented, recurring shades from the same color family in items such as rugs and cushions.

The Art of Outdoor Living

One of the most dramatic ways to make your backyard more stylish is to think of it as a natural gallery. Give your fence a folk-art makeover, or paint an intricate ethnic mural on a wall. Outdoor sculptures come in all sizes and price points, so take a risk with a modern masterpiece that complements its surroundings. Add blown glass flowers to the garden, or experiment with your own rock formation. There’s no more valuable home improvement than infusing your space with beauty and meaning.

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