Ways To Fix up Your Thrift Store Clothing Finds

Ways To Fix up Your Thrift Store Clothing Finds

Sustainable fashion is the way of the future. If you’ve been using thrift stores to maintain your wardrobe, you’ve probably noticed some items last longer than others. It’s no fun when a zipper falls off your low-cost leather jacket or when the seams start to split on the jeans you just bought last week. Once you discover all the ways to fix up your thrift store clothing finds, you might always shop secondhand.

Ways To Fix up Your Thrift Store Clothing Finds

Remove Signs of Age From Your Thrift Store Clothes

The first thing you want to do when you get home with your thrift store clothing is to check for signs of age. Some signs of age are unattractive and will make your outfit look atrocious. Use scissors to remove ragged embellishments that have seen better days. You can use a razor to remove pilling on sweaters, and you can re-dye clothing to bring fresh life to faded colors.

Mend Your Clothes

If you’re going to purchase used clothing, you’ll want to learn how to sew. The art of mending clothes requires several skills. Sometimes, you’ll only need to mend a seam, and, sometimes, you must patch an entire hole. Further, you may need to attach new buttons or replace a zipper on a jacket, and there are several methods used to do each.

You may also need to mend your clothes to ensure they fit properly. Sometimes, you may find a shirt or pair of pants at the thrift store that you love but don’t quite fit. You can take in or let out jeans and shirts with a bit of simple sewing. The hems of pants can usually be shortened or lengthened as well.

Upcycle Your Clothes

Some items from the thrift store may need to be altered completely to fit your style or fix a stain. Turn a dress into a shirt by cutting off a portion of it. Shorts can easily become pants, and a maxi skirt can become a mini in no time. Add a belt and other accessories to a long tunic to transform it into a dress for a whole new look.

Shopping at thrift stores is an adventure. You never know what you will find or how much you will discover. The best shops always have something new to check out, and most towns have several stores that you can tour. Your wardrobe won’t let you down when you know all the ways to fix up your thrift store clothing finds.

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