Ways To Cut Perfect Edges on Textiles

Ways To Cut Perfect Edges on Textiles

Ways To Cut Perfect Edges on Textiles

Sewing can be difficult, especially if you are trying to make your seams invisible. Frayed ends are challenging to avoid, but with the right tools, you can cut your cloth with the highest level of precision, ensuring a quality product. Here are a few ways to cut perfect edges on textiles.

Use Rotary Cutters

Rotary cutters are circular tools that allow you to cut extraordinarily clean lines. With a shape like a pizza cutter, rotary cutters are quick and accurate when carving both straight and curved lines. Because of their maneuverability, they are a great choice if you need to trim circles or other rounded shapes in addition to traditional straight edges. If you are looking for a rotary cutter, be sure to consider features that can keep your hands safe. Without extra protection, the round blades can easily cut you. Also, be sure to have extra blades on hand since they dull over time and will become increasingly hard to use if not replaced.

Cut With Angled Fabric Scissors

Angled fabric scissors allow you to use regular scissor motions without needing to lift the fabric. With this amazing invention, you can lay the scissors on the table as you cut. These shears even allow you to slice fabric in one long stroke. Because of their special shape, angled fabric scissors help you cut more accurately so that you do not need to redo miscuts. You can see where your hand is without lifting the fabric, thereby keeping it level on the table and giving you a truer line to follow. This tool is great for cutting straight edges on textiles.

Look Into Laser Cutting

Though you may not be able to do it at home, laser cutting is the most precise textile cutting tool on the market. Without the hesitations of hand cuts and misperceptions of the eye, laser cutters can quickly carve fabric into the shapes you need. Because the laser’s heat seals the edge as it cuts, you get a crisp edge like no other. Laser-cut textiles are a step above other hand-sewn projects and are ideal for times you need a truly perfect edge.

With these ways to cut perfect edges on textiles, you are well on your way to your next beautiful project. Try each of these options to find which works best for you and fits your personal or business needs.

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