VIVIERS SS24 Collection at Milan Fashion Week


VIVIERS SS24 Collection at Milan Fashion Week

“All-is-One. The idea of co-existence, co-emergence, symbiosis, and our shared Earthly Re-Birth: Unity in Individuality, rather than separation. “ Lezanne Viviers

‘Re-Trace, Re-Memory, Re-Set, Re-Culture’ delves into the depths of human history. Viviers’s cultural identity, and the intricate interconnections between our artistic expression, living myths and legends, scientific and technological advancements, and spirituality.

The collection attempts to serve as a canvas for unraveling the threads that bind our collective origin stories, through an exploration of universal legends and archaeological discoveries, juxtaposed to visionary philosophy and universal spiritual truths, framed by crystals and Gold.

“Through our excavations, we aim to investigate how myths and our shared narratives shape our understanding of our own human evolution, foster unity, and inspire positive change.” Lezanne Viviers

By engaging with myths such as those of the Crystal Skulls, the concept of the Phoenix, Plato’s perspective told through his ‘Allegory of the Cave and Baba Credo Mutwa’s philosophies about ancient Gold astronauts and his belief that all humanity is connected and originates from a common source, Viviers contemplates the potential for collective transformation and cultural redefinition. The similarities between these stories echo between continents, cultures, and religions; while the stories themselves act as a bridge between our search for truth and the interplay between our physical and metaphysical existence.

In a world where past, present, and future intertwine, art and clothing emerge as a bridge that connects our shared history with our aspirations for a harmonious and conscious world.

Can we broaden our perceptions of life by exploring further than the walls of our cave, like in Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave?’ Could we be human-star children as told through many universal myths? Who are the legendary ‘Culture Bringers’ from outer space? What kind of Fossils will present us, when viewed in the Future?


The first section, “Re-Trace,” explores the quest for immortality through alchemy and the fascination with gold. It links Johannesburg’s mythology of gold to legends of the Anunnaki and the ancient civilization of Mapungubwe in South Africa.

These legends suggest advanced beings from outer space may have influenced human history. The teachings of Baba Credo Mutwa, a Zulu traditional healer, are also explored, emphasizing humanity’s interconnectedness and the purpose of life.

The collection delves into the concept of ley lines and the energetic alignment of sacred historical sites with stars, drawing parallels with other civilizations like the Peruvian Inca and the Egyptians. This links to sacred South African sites like the Stone Circles around Watervalboven and Adam’s Calendar, Africa’s oldest Sun Calendar, and signifies a universal phenomenon that links humans, heaven, and earth. Could sound resonance have been used to build these sacred sites?



The second section, “Re-Memory,” focuses on remarkable archaeological discoveries around Johannesburg, found at Maropeng, The Origins of Humankind. The Homo Naledi fossils challenge conventional ideas of human evolution, suggesting the coexistence of primitive and advanced features. The Legend of the Crystal Skulls is also examined, suggesting these objects hold ancient knowledge and wisdom related to human origins.

Legend has it, that there are 12 Crystal Skulls, each containing the history of one of the 12 planets in our galaxy, with a 13th, like a computer backup drive, that contains our combined knowledge tapestry, representing our galaxy.

Our bodies are Crystal Holograms and our DNA has imprinted memory and is slowly waking up and reactivating.

The beauty of the human Crystal Skull is that THOUGHT is so powerful, that all we need to do is change our thoughts and we can change the world. The human condition is to be afraid, yet fear is manmade. In our true, reset state, fear does not exist.

“The Crystal power of our mind has the ability to focus and create. If the power of one man’s mind is powerful enough to change circumstances, imagine the power of group-mind. Should groups of people focus on 1 positive thing together, we can change the world and truly create miracles. The power of the group mind is not multiplied, it is squared!” Lezanne Viviers

Imagine what could happen if we took 5 minutes amongst our group of friends and we all focussed on peace and harmony? We could change the course of the world. We are the instruments of joy and the informal agents of change-making.



The third section, “Re-Set,” explores the concept of rebirth and transformation, drawing inspiration from the symbolism of the phoenix rising from ashes.

It highlights the power of collective consciousness and the ability to create positive change. The collection suggests that our minds, like crystal skulls, contain memory and potential for transformation.



The fourth section, “Re-Culture,” encourages reimagining a new culture and a united human race. It draws inspiration from visionaries like Credo Mutwa and Plato, emphasizing interconnectedness and unity. “Future Fossils” are introduced as treasures representing our time and shared sacred knowledge.

In conclusion, we venture through the mysteries of our past and the possibilities of our future, we hope to inspire a profound appreciation for our interconnectedness and the power we hold to shape our shared destiny that fosters the unity of humanity.

The ‘Re-Trace, Re-Memory, Re-Set, Re-Culture’ collection encapsulates the profound interplay between myth, science, art, and philosophy.

“The collection invites us to retrace the footsteps of our shared origin stories, infuse them with new layers of memory and meaning, reset our perceptions of the past and future, and recultivate our collective consciousness toward unity and transformation.” Lezanne Viviers

Through the journey of exploring ancient narratives, embracing renewal, and envisioning a harmonious future, this collection underscores the timeless power of clothing and art as a bridge between humanity’s past and its potential for positive change.


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