Vintage Vegas Fashion at Themed Casino Nights

Vintage Vegas Fashion at Themed Casino Nights

Las Vegas in the 1950s and ’60s oozed glamour, sophistication, and old Hollywood allure. Frank Sinatra and his Rat Pack epitomized the refined yet playful Vegas aesthetic. Today, themed casino nights let you step back into that golden era of fashion and sophistication.

We’ll explore how to channel vintage Vegas style through your outfits, music, decor, and more. Pulling off this iconic look requires attention to key details.

Glamour of Old Vegas

Vintage Vegas fashion conjures images of glamorous cocktail dresses, sharp suits, feathers, and furs. Women donned elegant satin, lace, and sequined dresses complimented by lavish jewelry. Hair was coiffed in soft Veronica Lake waves or dramatic sculpted updos. Makeup focused on a bold red lip.

Men wore refined tuxedos or dinner jackets exuding Rat Pack cool. Clean lines, quality fabrics, and tailored fits defined the sophisticated vintage Vegas gentleman’s style. Everyone dressed to impress at casinos like The Sands, Caesars Palace, and the Flamingo.

Sequined Cocktail Dresses

A sequined or beaded cocktail dress ensures you shine under the neon and chandelier lights. Look for midi lengths below the knee and silhouettes reminiscent of the 1950s and ’60s – pencil skirts, full circle skirts, off-the-shoulder bodices, or sweetheart necklines.

Stick to solid colors or subtle patterns. Accent dresses with long evening gloves, a fur stole or shawl, a clutch purse, and spiky heels. Go for a bombshell look – bold makeup and loose waves or an elegant updo hairstyle.

Evening Gloves Add Panache

No vintage casino outfit is complete without a pair of long satin or lace evening gloves. Arm-length gloves ending above or below the elbow add instant old Hollywood elegance. Look for bold colors to complement your dress.

Adorn gloves with jewel or feather embellishments if you want to embrace the retro glam. Point out details to guests and channel your inner socialite. For gentlemen, quality leather gloves offer an optional stylish accent.

Bold Red Lip

A matte cherry red lip ties together any vintage Vegas party ensemble. Choose a shade that flatters your complexion – blue undertones look best in true reds while warm yellow undertones suit coral-reds. Use a lip liner to prevent bleeding.

Apply lipstick after the rest of your makeup so it stays crisp. Blot lips well before applying color. Avoid glossy or shimmery lipstick, which doesn’t give the proper matte finish. Portraying this iconic vintage look requires getting the lip just right.

Retro Hairstyles

Retro Hairstyles

Styling your hair in retro waves, curls, and updos completes the vintage Vegas fashion vibe. Soften hair with large rollers or pin curls, then lightly finger wave and spray into place. Part slightly off-center. Cover hair in a silk scarf before bed to imprint waves.

Sculpt height with rolls, Victory rolls, or a pompadour. Or pull hair smoothly back into a low chignon or bun. Embellish with flower clips, headbands, or scarves. Regular cuts keep hair healthy for optimal vintage styling.

Get the Gentleman Look

Gentlemen can channel Rat Pack sophistication with a sharp suit, thin tie, wingtip shoes, and felt fedora hat. Look for two-piece suits in gray, black, or navy with subtle pinstripes or textured fabrics like sharkskin or houndstooth.

Pair with a skinny tie or cravat. Shined wingtip Oxfords reinforce vintage flair. Display a pocket square for an elegant accent. Cufflinks and a wristwatch complete the refined finishing touches.

Bold Patterns and Colors

Vintage style embraces bold colors and patterns. Look for cocktail dresses and accessories in vibrant hues – electric blue, emerald, and cherry red. Floral prints, polka dots, and retro geometric patterns also simulate vintage visual energy.

Colors should be rich and saturated rather than pastel or muted. Seek out fabrics with an added texture like silks, satins, and soft velvet. Strass rhinestones, fur, and feathers heighten the drama. Contrasting colors and patterns create visual dynamism.

Cigars and Cocktails

Create lounging spaces with ashtrays, cigars, and Sinatra cocktails to relax in the vintage Vegas aesthetic. Old-fashioned, Manhattans, martinis, and highballs conjure images of boozy Rat Pack revelry. Serve snacks like stuffed olives and glazed nuts.

Set up low coffee tables for cocktails alongside plush chairs and sofas. Place large glass ashtrays out for guests who want to try cigars. The mood should feel laid-back, open, and welcoming.

Casino Games and Decor

No casino night is complete without tables for blackjack, craps, roulette, and poker so guests can try their hand. Try free slots from, slot machines, either real or replicas, to increase the Vegas feel. Adorn walls with vintage posters and artwork of Vegas landmarks.

Use playing cards and poker chip motifs in decorations and table centerpieces. Incorporate colored lighting, candles, and floral arrangements evoking vibrant 1950s style. Flamingo pink feathers and tulle draped across mirrors or chandeliers pull the room together.




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