Luxurious Valentino Garavani Bags Latest Collection

Luxurious Valentino Garavani Bag Latest Collection
Valentino Garavani Stud Sign nappa shoulder bag

Luxurious Valentino Garavani Bags Latest Collection

Valentino Garavani is a brand that hardly needs an introduction: it has been an iconic symbol of elegance and eclectic design dominating the international fashion scene for fifty years.

Romantic, feminine and sophisticated, the brand now under the creative direction of Pierpaolo Piccioli, is famous around the globe for some major contributions to the world of fashion.

Since 2011 the brand launched the Valentino Garavani Rockstud accessories.

It’s worth mentioning that at its debut the Valentino Rockstud flats were one of the most highlighted items in all major fashion reviews. The Rockstud became the most famous motive of the decade. Versatile, cute-meets-punk look landed among the most imitated mainstreamers of the last decade.

When it comes to bags, it is a mixture of sophisticated design, with its own signature shapes, suitcases, shoulder bags, and smaller models.

Valentino Garavani’s great success story in shoulder bags for women, now expanded to include more than 140 items. The handbags have both classic and innovative designs.

Valentino Garavani Stud Sign hobo bag in nappa
Valentino Garavani Stud Sign hobo bag in nappa

Latest Collection

Valentino Garavani launched a new handbag collection including classic yet modern styles. This collection is designed around a playful and colorful effortless sophistication, which are its core characteristics.

Let’s see the main design:

  • Valentino Garavani ‘Stud Sign’ bags are embellished with the signature ‘VLOGO’ detail, soft and with magnetic closure. It plays with the traditional Valentino sleek design and comes with a detachable shoulder strap.
  • Valentino Garavani ‘Roman Stud’ is a top handle bag, a recent entry that adds a new item to the collection with a new interpretation of the rockstud, applied by hand one by one, enlarged look and feminine silhouette, carefully crafted, treated and ironed to give a soft finish.
  • The Valentino Garavani Atelier bag is a feminine and structured collection, both inspired by nature and with a characteristic 3d design.
  • The Valentino Garavani Loco bags collection, finally, needs some extra focus: it has a 90ies allure, but it adds festive atmospheres to it, and metropolitan accents: it’s very functional and contemporary. The bag features a flap with a Vlogo signature clip closure.

The ambition of the Loco Collection is to represent both a heritage of the brand and a meeting with urban modernity. It is absolutely versatile, fitting everyday occasions, but it is also bold and feminine in the tradition of a Valentino Garavani style.

It is a compact double handle bag, with a prominent essential design, smooth, luminous and lacquered finish. Minimal and bold at the same time. The handle is detachable, allowing to transform the Loco Bag in a clutch.

Curiosity: loco stands for “locomotive”, reinforcing the sense of urban liveliness, but it can also refer to the Spanish word “loco” mad, that married to Italian’s passion for uniqueness, defines a style that is a mixture of sentiments and identities: the closest we can get to “revolutionary continuous transformation” in fashion design.

Spring/Summer 2022 Bag Trends

When it comes to the trends for the spring/summer 2022 season, we can summarise this way:

  • bold animal prints, iconic for the brand;
  • colorful stitches;
  • soft textiles;

Features on the latest models include metal hardware and metal chains, while customers oriented to more classic styles will find chunky gold hardware and round shapes on their dedicated items.

The keyword will be versatility, but also customization: all pieces can be combined in designs with shiny embellishments or embroidery and textured fabrics such as laces or netting.

Silk and light fabrics will continue to be relevant for the whole spring/summer 2022 season, translating in round silhouettes with soft and slouchy bags.

Still, the central focus is to be found in the embellished metal pieces, hardware, and tassels, continuing a dialogue between new and traditional that is iconic of the Valentino Garavani Maison.

Just one more add: the spring-summer 2022 collection is including a new Valentino bracelet bag in silk satin and of course the iconic Roman Stud bags and elongated Stud Sign bags.

Valentino Garavani RockStud Shoulder Bag

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