Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

A wedding is a very special occasion that will live on in the memories and hearts of not only the spouses-to-be, but their loved ones as well. The journey to the wedding all begins with the bride and groom meeting, but the actual wedding process begins for the guests when the invitations arrive. Make a lasting impression on your wedding guests with these unique wedding invitation ideasto wow your loved ones.

Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

Laser cut paper

Laser cut invitations are the newest trend in ultra-elegant weddings. These are unique, beautiful, and will make your wedding stand out from the start. They’re a great way to make a first impression on your guests with the overall tone the ceremony will have.

Carved wood

Using an unexpected material, such as wood, as your invitations base will impress guests and set the scene for your wedding. Carving the details into wood makes the invitation memorable and impressive—just like the future wedding. This method may also help more guests attend, as the invitation will be etched into their memories.

Printed handkerchiefs

Many people get emotional at weddings, and some even break into happy tears, so why not prepare in advance with functional and formal invitations? Printing your invitation details onto a handkerchief is both stylish and functional, as guests can bring their invitations to wipe away their tears of joy.

Hand-calligraphed on scrolls

If you or someone you know is a talented calligrapher, have your invitations hand-calligraphed onto old-world-style scrolls for an elegant yet mysterious theme. While this is a more time-consuming option, it does show guests that you put time and effort into ensuring they would be able to attend, making them feel very important. This can translate into more attendees and more thoughtful guests.

Message in a bottle

This invitation inspiration is for beach weddings in particular. For the beautiful beach wedding, a message in a bottle is the best on-theme idea to let your guests know the ins and outs of your big day. Simply print your invitations, roll them up into a cute little scroll, tie with velvet, chiffon fabric, or another trendy tie, and insert the invitations into little bottles with cork caps.

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