Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Foundation Partners with Reggie Jackson’s Mr.October Foundation to Host Inaugural Golf Classic

Sports Legend Brooks Koepka, Anthony Mackie, 50 Cent, Ne-Yo, Dave Chappelle, Nick Saban & More in Attendance


Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Foundation Partners with Reggie Jackson's Mr.October Foundation to Host Inaugural Golf Classic


GRAMMY-nominated hip-hop icon Travis Scott, along with his Cactus Jack Foundation, joined forces with MLB legend Reggie Jackson and his Mr. October Foundation to host the second annual Celebrity Golf Classic in Palm City, Florida. This noteworthy event aimed to support STEM education and establish a workforce pipeline for underserved youth, drawing celebrity guests from various realms of sports and entertainment. Attendees enjoyed golf and refreshments from Cacti, showing their support for education initiatives benefiting future generations. Please see the full press release with hi-res assets below! Can you cover this exciting news? thank you!

Reggie Jackson & Mr. October Foundation Partner with Travis Scott & Cactus Jack Foundation for the Second Annual Celebrity Golf Classic in South FL to benefit STEM Education for Underserved Youth

Hall of Fame Major League Baseball player Reggie Jackson, along with his Mr. October Foundation, which focuses on improving STEM education and workforce pipeline for underserved youth, partnered with philanthropist Travis Scott and his Cactus Jack Foundation. The two organizations came together to host the Second Annual Celebrity Golf Classic in Palm City, FL at Floridian National Golf Club. Over the span of two days, this charity golf event brought together Hall of Famers and celebrity players to support education initiatives for the next generation. With a shared commitment to education, all proceeds from the auction and event went towards STEM education programs for underserved youth.

Notable Celebrity Guests Play for a Cause

The event witnessed the participation of numerous notable celebrities, including athletes, musicians, and entertainers, all coming together to play golf for a cause. Some of the notable names in attendance were Adrian Peterson, Albert Pujols, Andre Dawson, Andre Johnson, Andruw Jones, Anthony Mackie, Anthony Rizzo, Brooks Koepka, Bun B, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Dave Chappelle, Eric Dickerson, Grant Hill, Jack Nicklaus, Jeff Bagwell, Jim Crane, Jim Kelly, John Smoltz, Johnny Bench, Jorge Posada, Josie Canseco, Julius Erving, Ken Griffey Jr., Lawrence Taylor, Marcus Allen, Marshall Faulk, Mike Schmidt, Mike Singletary, Mo Amer, Ne-Yo, Nick Saban, Pedro Martinez, Roger Clemens, Slim Thug, Sugar Ray Leonard, Terrell Owens, Thurman Thomas, and Warren Moon. The presence of these high-profile guests added a touch of glamour and excitement to the event.


Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Foundation Partners with Reggie Jackson's Mr.October Foundation to Host Inaugural Golf Classic

The Floridian National Golf Club Hosts the Annual Golf Classic

The prestigious Floridian National Golf Club in Palm City, Florida, played host to the annual Celebrity Golf Classic. This renowned golf club, owned by Houston Astros Owner & Chairman, Jim Crane, served as the perfect venue for this charitable event. In addition to the celebrity guests, members of the Houston Astros team, including Alex Bregman, Kyle Tucker, Jeremy Peña, Mauricio Dubon, and Michael Brantley, also participated in the event. The private event was sponsored by Cacti, Cactus Jack Sports, Jordan, Nike, and other notable brands.

Support for STEM Education Initiatives

The purpose of the event was to raise funds to support STEM education initiatives for underserved students. With a projected goal of close to $1,000,000, the tournament aimed to strengthen STEM education programs and create opportunities for youth from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Both Reggie Jackson and Travis Scott share a commitment to improving education and preparing the future generation for success in the workforce. Through their respective foundations, they strive to provide access to education and break down barriers, ensuring a brighter future for young individuals.

“Every year, it warms my heart to have some of the top athletes and entertainers take time out of their busy schedules to support this event,” Reggie Jackson said. “This is so instrumental in helping us to help underserved communities using STEM education. We do our best to select schools that will have success with our program to prepare our kids for the workforce that is to be in the years to come.”

As the second annual Celebrity Golf Classic came to a close, it left behind a powerful impact on both the participants and the beneficiaries. The partnership between the Mr. October Foundation and the Cactus Jack Foundation highlighted the importance of supporting STEM education for underserved youth. By using the platform of golf and the influence of celebrity guests, this event not only raised significant funds but also generated awareness about the need for equal access to quality education. Through their collective efforts, Reggie Jackson, Travis Scott, and all the attendees of the Celebrity Golf Classic demonstrated their dedication to creating a brighter future for generations to come.

About The Cactus Jack Foundation

The Cactus Jack Foundation‘s mission is to empower and enrich the lives of youth by providing access to education and creative resources to ensure long term success. The foundation believes the youth should not be prevented from attaining their lifetime goal and is committed to extending educational opportunities to all, regardless of their circumstances to achieve their dreams.

About The Mr. October Foundation

The Mr. October Foundation is a non-profit public benefit corporation, founded by Reginald M. Jackson in 1997 with the mission of improving educational opportunities for underserved youth. The foundation was honored in 2020 in New York City with the prestigious Helix Award. Its primary mission is to provide realistic and reachable goals for underserved com­munities, where children have not shown a predisposition toward academic achievement, even though they are capable of doing so. Only through education can we empower children to lead more productive lives. Neither poverty nor illiteracy indicates a lack of intellect. The new economy thrives with the perspectives brought by our Nation’s motivated youth, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is the future of the new economy. Early exposure to STEM is where the motivation begins.


Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Foundation Partners with Reggie Jackson's Mr.October Foundation to Host Inaugural Golf Classic

Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Foundation Partners with Reggie Jackson's Mr.October Foundation to Host Inaugural Golf Classic


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