Top Men’s Accessories to Make You Stand Out

Top Men’s Accessories to Make You Stand Out

As the menswear market grows, designers are adding innovative touches that finish off a look with a strong sense of style—and a sense of humor. Make sure you’ll attract attention walking down the street, even from six feet away, with our nominees for the top men’s accessories to make you stand out.

The Top Men’s Accessories to Make You Stand Out

AirPod Cases

All the fall 2020 men’s runways—in London, Milan, Paris, Florence—accessorized with items that put the “fun” in “function,” such as leather holsters to accommodate your water bottle. The easiest innovation to work into your wardrobe might be AirPod cases that are so fashion-forward you can wear them around your neck on a lanyard instead. Prada has a red leather version that’s bold without being over the top.

Sparkly Accents

Now this is over the top. Designers gave men permission to sparkle with accessories such as twinkling barrettes and even full crystal coats. The Dior Men influence showed with twinkling brooches and keychains that dangled from sleeves, pockets, and hats. Or you can incorporate the trend with men’s clothing accessories such as loafers, rings, or a Swarovski belt that catches the light.


Your grandfather’s sweaters get a chic twist with oversize cashmere cardigans that men can wear as jackets. No less than Hermès and Givenchy gave slouchy cardigans their stamp of approval. They combine the look of old money with grunge and are, above all, comfortable. Ease into the trend with a cardigan in a neutral color such as camel to up the ante for your casual jean looks.

Tote Bags

If you were adventurous enough to join last decade’s high-end fanny pack movement, you’re going to love the men’s tote bags presented by designers such as Louis Vuitton. Crafted with rich, dark leathers, a large tote is one of the top men’s accessories this season; you’ll stand out for replacing those tired messenger bags and briefcases. You’ll wonder why you didn’t insist on a way to carry more stuff before. What will you tote in your bag? Everyone will be dying to find out.

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