Top 9 Instagrammable Spots In New York City

Top 9 Instagrammable Spots In New York City

New York City can rightly be called not only the fashion capital of the world and the heart of art, which mainly includes photography. The city has undoubtedly been a source of inspiration for thousands of photographers for centuries.

Therefore, if you are fortunate to spend a few days in the legendary city, be prepared to keep your hand on your camera because almost every street in New York is picturesque.

In order not to confuse you with such diversity, we would like to suggest to you a list of 9 places where you can certainly take the most beautiful pictures that will conquer the hearts of your followers.

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1. Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass

This is one of the most stunning locations in Brooklyn, with a beautiful view of the Manhattan Bridge. Within this high-end and upscale neighborhood, you’ll also find many trendy restaurants where you can take atmospheric photos, and the numerous lofts and buildings made of glass and concrete could easily become the background for a stylized photo shoot.

2. Brooklyn Bridge Park

The park is ideally located between the two bridges, the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge. From there, you can get a stunning view of the bay and the unusual piles rising out of the water. Besides, there are hardly any tourists here, so it’s easy to take perfect pictures with a unique backdrop.

3. Brooklyn Bridge

For those who want to take one of the most atmospheric photos of New York, the famous Brooklyn Bridge is definitely the place to go.

The bridge is gorgeous in any weather and at any time of day, although experienced bloggers advise waking up early and going to the bridge at dawn, when it is not yet crowded with tourists as the first sunlight coming through the wall of skyscrapers provides really spectacular views.

4. Rockefeller Center Top of the Rock

Perhaps there is nothing more breathtaking than a bird’s-eye view of New York City. That’s why you can’t be in the city without visiting the Top of the Rock observation deck. On a sunny day, it offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire city.

And when the weather is overcast, you can see the glass tops of the city’s skyscrapers peeking out from under the clouds, which makes the photo even more mysterious.

5. Soho

Shopaholics and foodies from all over the world, as well as photographers, flock to this trendy New York City neighborhood. Indeed, this part of Manhattan is one of the most scenic. Monochrome houses with metal staircases, antique columns, and cast-iron cornices won’t leave you without hundreds of stunning photos.

6. Oculus World Trade Center

This new symbol of the city, designed by architect Santiago Calatrava, resembles the skeleton of a whale or some other giant and stands out very much among other buildings Downtown.

Moreover, the building is no less impressive on the interior, which is a huge snow-white space flooded with sunlight. Lovers of modern architecture and minimalism should definitely check it out.

7. Staten Island

A ferry leaving from the south of Manhattan is probably the best and free option for photographing the skyscrapers and seeing the Statue of Liberty up close. Bloggers advise taking a 20-minute sunset trip to enjoy the enchanting view of the island bathed in the crimson sunlight.

8. Flatiron Building

This early twentieth-century building became known as the ‘iron’ for its shape. It is regarded to be one of the first skyscrapers in New York City. Simply taking a picture in front of it is enough to get cherished likes on Instagram.

9. The High Line

Be prepared for the fact that the High Line Park in New York City is a very unusual place. Its height is ten meters, and as you walk through its alleys, you will find yourself at the level of the windows of neighboring buildings.

Some residents will be strolling around in their bathrobes or watching television. But this is a combination of different architectural styles, from post-industrial to Zaha Hadid-designed buildings, that creates a unique photo backdrop.


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