Tips for Organizing a Gentleman’s Wardrobe

Tips for Organizing a Gentleman’s Wardrobe

Gentlemen, we’ve seen some of your wardrobes, and you need a little guidance. No clothing deserves to be thrown into the abyss of a closet, never to be worn again. If you don’t know where something is in your wardrobe, you won’t wear it. Seems obvious, but a lot of guys struggle with organizing their clothing without a walk-in closet. Thankfully, we’re here to help. Whether you have a walk-in closet or not, our tips for organizing a gentleman’s wardrobe will showcase your favorite pieces and keep them in great condition. Read on to learn more.

Tips for Organizing a Gentleman's Wardrobe

Start with Minimizing

The easiest way to organize your wardrobe is by having less clothing from the start. A lot of guys are guilty of having far too many items in their wardrobe—and even worse, they don’t wear most of it. Your wardrobe should only have your favorite pieces that you feel confident in. So pull everything out of your closet and declutter before organizing everything.

Keep Similar Items Together and Organize by Color

Once you have the clutter out of the way, you should start putting items back in your closet by type. For instance, dress shirts with dress shirts, polos with polos, and lightweight sweaters with––you get the picture. While you’re filling your wardrobe with similar items, you should also organize them by color—from lights to darks or darks to lights––or whatever you’re into. Organizing by type and color makes piecing your outfits together much easier.

Have Plenty of Hanging Space for Clothes and Accessories

If you have a standard closet, you probably have one closet rod going from one end to the other. If you can, incorporate additional closet rods, or install a closet organizer as this will give you more control to section off items by type. The different sections could include suits in one, shirts in another, pants in another, and so on. The additional rods also balance the weight of your clothes better. Further, don’t forget that you can hang certain accessories such as neckties, belts, and hats as well.

Use Drawers to Your Advantage

A lot of guys try to hang all their clothes in their closet, but you really don’t have to. You don’t need to hang items such as t-shirts, jeans, chinos, and shorts if you’re folding them correctly. The Marie Kondo folding method is one of the easiest and most reliable folds. You can also store your ties and belts in a drawer by rolling them correctly and using a drawer organizer. That’s right, you can hang or roll ties! Both are great methods as long, as you do so correctly.

Implementing our tips for organizing a gentleman’s wardrobe will help simplify your closet with items you love. All the clothes in your wardrobe should be items you love and feel confident in. After all, nothing screams gentleman like confidence.

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