Tips for Matching a Wedding Band To an Engagement Ring

Tips for Matching a Wedding Band To an Engagement Ring

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now it’s time to narrow down the search for a wedding ring, and with the many styles to choose from, this process may come with some challenges. Begin by asking yourself a few questions, such as do you want a perfect match to the engagement band or would you rather it stand out? By utilizing the tips for matching a wedding band to an engagement ring, you can discover what you want, and narrow down your options for the greatest selection.

Tips for Matching a Wedding Band To an Engagement Ring

Do You Want an Exact Match?

Do you want an engagement ring that’s an exact match to your wedding band or just something similar? If you’re looking for an exact match, look into a company that offers bridal sets—a wedding and engagement band that sell together—to ensure you get a perfect match; otherwise, focus on the details of your ring and how to best compliment them.

Evaluate the Material

If you have a gold or platinum engagement band, matching a wedding ring to it should come with ease, as both are classics and have many options. For your engagement ring and wedding band to match, you should get bands of the same material—a gold wedding band and a platinum engagement ring will clash.

Look at the Styles

The final tip for matching a wedding band to an engagement ring is to evaluate the style. As you evaluate the style, remind yourself of the many things to consider. For example, if your diamond ring is modest, your wedding ring should be too, as you want them to appear balanced.

Moreover, consider your engagement band’s shape, as some may cause gaps between that and your wedding band. Some of the many styles to consider include:

  • Halo wedding band
  • Straight wedding band
  • Notched wedding band
  • Contoured wedding band

Evaluating each of these or trying them on in the shop will help in the selection process. While some shape around your engagement band, others will create a perfect fit like puzzle pieces. By keeping your options open, you can select a wedding band that perfectly complements your diamond ring.

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