There are many different types of fashion styles you can take inspiration from and make your own. From bohemian to preppy to grunge, the possibilities are virtually limitless. However, with so many options to choose from, honing in on your personal style can be challenging. You may have a general idea of what styles you typically gravitate towards, but you may not have a concrete idea of what exactly your personal style is. Don’t worry—we can help you with that. Here are some of our best tips for finding your personal style.

Tips for Finding Your Personal Style

Find your style icons

A great way to define your personal style is to get inspiration from people whose styles you admire. To do so, simply gather a list of people whose style you’d like to emulate. Then, make a Pinterest account or vision board of some of your favorite outfits they’ve worn. The next time you’re putting together an outfit or going shopping, refer to your style board for inspiration.

Purge your closet

An important step in finding your personal style is getting rid of any items in your closet that no longer fit your tastes. If you have a habit of holding onto pieces you haven’t worn in months in the hopes that they’ll someday complete an outfit, it’s time to cut the cord. Locking down your style is difficult if your closet is full of items you don’t even like. Take the time to be honest with yourself and to get rid of any pieces that no longer align with your current preferences. Doing so will help you streamline your personal style.

Learn what styles compliment your body type

Finding clothing that compliments your body is essential to finding your personal style—and improving your confidence. Determine what types of pieces look good on your body and what types don’t. You should also keep an eye out for colors that are particularly flattering on your skin tone. Wearing clothing that makes you feel confident will make it easier for you to define your personal style.

Invest in a few timeless signature pieces

Keeping up with the latest trends has its merits, but investing in a few high-quality pieces can really help you lock down your style. Such pieces should be signature items that you can envision yourself wearing for years to come. Having these staples in your wardrobe will provide the consistency you need to define your style.


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