Tips for a Cost-Effective Wedding

Weddings are anything but cheap, and that’s without considering the price of a dress and your rings. Saving money on the big day allows you to splurge on the honeymoon or save up for your forever home! There are countless tips for a cost-effective wedding, but the most notable include establishing your priorities and doing what works best for you. Though you may have to make some small sacrifices, you will still be able to enjoy your wedding day to its fullest.

Tips for a Cost-Effective Wedding

Decide What’s Important

Before you start cutting anything out, decide what’s most important on your big day, as your happiness will be the determining factor. While some brides have no problem wearing a pre-owned dress, others want the full bridal experience of shopping for a new gown.

Additionally, by deciding where you’re willing to make sacrifices, you can ensure you get what you want without blowing your budget. Some expenses are easier to cut than others. For instance, getting married on any day other than Saturday can save you money.

Keep It Small

One of the easiest ways to save money at your wedding is to keep it small—throw a micro-wedding! Not only will this keep you on budget, but it allows you to keep your big day intimate. Often, micro-weddings have a small guest list that ensures the attendance of family and close friends.

Ask for Help

Rather than ask your guests for gifts, ask them to help you out with the wedding, especially if some have special skills that would enhance your big day. For example, if one of your relatives is a great baker, see if they could make your wedding cake in lieu of giving you a present.

Enlisting the help of close family and friends makes the journey through your prenuptials a bonding experience. Use your network to create your invitations and decorations!

Wear a Preowned Dress

You can easily upcycle an old dress and give it new life in a way that is unique to you. Even if another bride has worn the gown, you haven’t, and that already makes it special. While some brides wear their mother’s gown, you don’t have to do so. You could save money on your wedding dress by shopping at a thrift store.

Chose the Ideal Season

The final tip for a cost-effective wedding is to get married in the ideal season; many brides get married in late summer or early fall. Many wedding planners note that weddings in January, February, and March are less common and, therefore, cheaper.

As you select the perfect season for your wedding, remain mindful of the flowers you choose, as those that are in season will be much more budget-friendly and still create gorgeous bouquets!

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